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4 Key Enterprise Mobility Trends to Rule the Mobile-first World

Enterprise Mobility has emerged as a top priority for businesses which, is about to gain more acceptance in the near future. Such widespread acceptance of these solutions comes as not so surprising for us while considering its potential of enhancing productivity. However, it’s still an emerging innovation with a highly fluid space.

Newer paradigms are rapidly emerging over time and there’s no such standardised way of governing or deploying these technologies. Being a premier mobile app development company of Australia, we enjoy deeper market insights and here in this blog, we are about to share our views about the latest mobility advancements.

Augmented Cloud Migration

Easy availability of reliable cloud services and enormous possibilities with Big Data have increased migration of business solutions to the cloud. However, despite the increasing popularity of cloud technology, security happens to be one of the pressing challenges for businesses. Enterprises willing to resolve the security issues should try to implement hybrid solutions, hosting mission critical applications on premises.

Rise of Companion Applications

App development experts are making great efforts to develop enterprise apps for both customers and productivity enhancement purposes. Adhering the same, we are experiencing a paradigm shift on companion from the generic apps, while emphasising on building an app for specific functions. This, in turn, eliminates the need for replicating all the features of desktop applications while building its replica for smart devices.

More Emphasis on BYOD

The culture of Bring-Your-Own-Devices has already been well-established in the business world. Its extensive potential in boosting enterprise efficiency along with the growing demand for mobility applications have helped BYOD to establish as a key trend. Companies should devise beneficial mobility policies which, will secure the employee-owned devices. Centralised management of mobile devices will help employees in having full-fledged control over the used devices.  

Increasing Usage of “Personal Assistant Features of Smart Apps’’

Artificial Intelligence has already made its mark in the corporate world. More number of Enterprise apps are including more number of ‘smart’ leveraging features similar to those offered by Google Now, Siri and other available smart personal assistants. We are experiencing a steady boom of ‘smart applications’ which will allow users to simplify their individual tasks.
While witnessing digital transformation, enterprise mobility has emerged as a game-changing productivity enhancement tool for businesses. Thus, as a team of adroit mobile app developers, we help clients to reap the optimum benefits of Enterprise Mobility in managing their businesses and meeting their specific goals.

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