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4 Revolutionary CRM Technologies to Boost Business Productivity

With the CRM technologies evolving fast, businesses are getting wider scope to connect with customers more seamlessly. Every year, the demand for CRM software systems is rapidly increasing and to cater the diverse industrial needs, professionals are on the constant verge of bringing something new. Adhering to this fact, entrepreneurs are about to witness the upsurge and deployment of newer technologies which, will help them to grow.

We at Envertis, are one of the leading providers of CRM solutions in Australia having a rich experience of building front-running CRM systems for businesses. Here we are about to discuss on some of the technologies and innovations that are about to shape the future of CRM software systems and benefit the global marketplace.

Business Intelligence & Embedded Analytics

With these innovations, users get easier access to relevant information. Generally, CRM users don’t prefer to wait much for IT or Analyst generated reports. Providing consumer specific information to the front-line business managers is crucial for optimum CRM utilisation. With embedded analytics, businesses can be able to provide customer information to the line-of-business professionals. Prescriptive, embedded analytics greatly affect decision-making by recommending workable and feasible actions, instead of just working on multiple reports.

Social Networking

It helps employees in unleashing the possible relationships which, will aid in increasing the scope of complete sales transactions. Social networking serves as a new source of consumer data for committee-based sales transactions. It also helps sales representatives in figuring out the prospect of customers towards your organisation. Social Integration further helps enterprises while searching for relationships to contacts and accounts in the CRM systems. The impact of maintaining these relationships is accurately tracked in the enterprise CRM software system. This, in turn, will help entrepreneurs in measuring the relationship capital of your company precisely.

Wireless Connectivity & Applications

These groundbreaking innovations will help mobile professionals to improve productivity, stay connected better and close deals faster. Earlier, it was necessary, however, often annoying to go to a particular place (portable computer setup) for collecting information. This is the reason for which, wireless came into existence. With wireless connectivity, deployment or data retrieval from CRM systems becomes much easier. Now, the data which you need, can be accessed more efficiently and more conveniently. This potential is gradually increasing with every improvement dedicated to mobile technology.

Speech Applications

If executed properly, speech applications can greatly help businesses by boosting the number of simultaneous transactions an organisation can process without having an increase in headcount. While integrating with VoiceXML, self-service applications can help you to strike the chord in between downsizing costs and enhancing customer experiences. VoiceXML deploys open standards for developing speech applications which, further help companies to facilitate better customer engagement.
While wrapping up, CRM innovations are about to enrich organisational processes further and drive proactive support in terms of identifying new opportunities or interacting with prospects. With best-in-class practices like social media integration and more, businesses are surely about to succeed in surpassing their operational efficiencies with leading CRM software solutions.

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