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5 Big Things Coming Up In Mobile App Space In 2019

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We have stepped into the 19th year of the Millennium quite ago and mobile apps technology will unfold many great things this year that we have been long waiting for!

The evolution of apps is like a magical tale. We have been a constant spectator of how they emerged from the generic types like Calendar, Mail, Calculator to advanced utility apps meant for shopping, travel booking, social networking and what not! Millenials use today mobiles more than any other generations.

“One in five millennial app users (21%) say they open any app more than 50 times a day”

They today engage in a lot of areas with their mobiles.

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The increasing number of apps in the key stores, Apple and Google Play in all the years from 2008 to 2018 will also testify that.

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Mobile App

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Clearly, mobile apps development has come a long way. The total number of downloads of apps is too rising at an equal pace in recent years.

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While it is pretty clear that mobile apps space is ever-growing, this year too we will get to see some new round of innovations.

Big things popping out in 2019 to shape mobile app development.

Moment Marketing

While personalisation has always been the key to deliver perfect mobile experiences, today in 2019, increasing the depth of personalisation will work more effectively. It has become the baseline for initiating interactions with customers.

Micro-moments’ was a term first used by Google in 2015 but was never applied actually in apps. Micro-moments are “intent-rich moments when users turn to their devices to act on their need to go, to buy, to do or to  know something.

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In response to the changing consumer behaviour and their behavioural pattern on the mobiles, micro-moments came into being. They are the game-changers that give brands the opportunity to win customers at the most likely moment, i.e. when they are in need.  It will make use of intent-rich moments when expectations of customers are high and so companies can use those moments to persuade them. According to the latest consumers statistics,

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Taking advantage of these, mobile app marketers will take ‘Moment-marketing’ seriously this time.

Consumers are drawn to the companies that respond immediately to their needs. Successful brands with prompt mobile marketing will be having strategies in 2019 to meet consumers need in the micro-moments.

OTT Development

Mobile apps space is set for OTT (Over-the-top) market in 2019 which is ruled by online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Stan, and so forth. Online streaming activities took a plunge in recent years with expected subscribers of 333.2 million by 2019.

Some major OTT market highlights

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OTT is consequently becoming the mainstream media because more people are preferring to receive content on their handsets via an app service rather than any satellite network or traditional cable. The Global OTT video revenue is consistently rising and giant players like Apple, Google and the Amazon is to be charged for that.  They provide both the content as well as the devices to promote OTT streaming activities among the millennials.

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Thus, despite the prevalence of linear television services, OTT players are likely to gain prominence in the Video streaming market in terms of both revenue and screen time. Besides, owing to the gaining adoption of OTT by the public, even big broadcasters like HBO, Infinity TV and CW Television Network are also introducing their own OTT services into their broadcasting options. So, in 2019, we are supposed to see more of OTT! However, few things that are pushing further the OTT culture are the competition between traditional and modern broadcasters, new ad models that suit modern broadcasting and moving of gaming to the cloud.


While there’s no room for doubt that Blockchain technology has opened up many new avenues for the IT and mobile market, 2019 will see an upswing in its advancement.

As of now, Blockchain is chiefly the technological tool for creating cryptocurrencies, a digital currency that made online transactions possible, it will be used for many more purposes next. It not only makes the transactions secure but makes money transfers safe. Because of its highly encrypted nature, blockchain offers wonderful opportunities to a host of industries like banking, cybersecurity, medical & healthcare, IoT, smart contract, and so forth. So, that’s it. The technology now goes mainstream. It means Blockchain will be no more be prevailing only as the foundation of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but its application will be felt wider, in many areas.

Even according to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Blockchain survey report, “The view further down the road is an inspiring one. We see blockchain enabling a completely new level of information exchange both within and across industries. As connections are made between blockchain and other emerging technologies, particularly the cloud and automation, we see the potential for blockchain to help organizations create and realize new value for businesses beyond anything we can imagine with existing technologies..

Some of the worth-mentioning benefits that Blockchain offers are:

  • Reducing paperwork and manual data entries
  • Counterfeiting the manipulation of data
  • Buying and selling things without third-party intervention or payment
  • Increasing data security in a decentralised network
  • Streamlining payments processing and making it efficient
  • Bringing transparency and automation in daily transactions

Blockchain will be gaining more momentum in 2019. Coming out to be more than just a currency, it will facilitate the industries by offering a secure environment to them, where money can be transferred with confidence.


Yes, Beacons! While the concept is not new to us anymore and a range of industries are using it in their mobile apps for more appropriate location-based services, this year, Beacons technology will unleash its potential in an unexpected manner.

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The cases of use of Beacons will not just be restricted to hotels, medical and healthcare, or retailing but the innovation will blast in applications to provide functions like that of a virtual guide. Beacons are attributed to be the “Unstoppable force of proximity marketing” and is in the final stage of  Gartner’s Hype cycle when technology is matured well enough to be used for best purposes.

Despite the technology having huge potential, nothing much has been seen lately but 2019 may turn the table for Beacons with Google Beacon Platform solving many of the development and implementation problems the technology has had in the past.  So, expert app developers will be able to craft applications integrating the technology, keeping locations as the key variable. They could assign any interaction/interactions to as many locations they want and help businesses kickstart their marketing in the targeted spaces. With more of its influence in the retail segment, merchants will be able to feed customers with valuable information about sales, new products, promotions, offers etc. whenever they are found in close proximity.

More of AR Technology

It means an advanced form of AR technology (Augmented Reality). The concept of AR will venture out of the realm of gaming and shopping in 2019 and will be seen to form educating platforms/training sessions, actualise showrooms, and create virtual meeting spaces. In other words, AR apps will move from consumer segment to non-consumer areas including medical, data centres, journalism, security culture, product trials or experiment marketing.  For instance, there will be apps in healthcare assisting doctors in surgeries or apps for warehouses to help workers identify the location of items efficiently.

With the major mobile platforms, Google and Apple both bringing out their AR development toolkits, ARCore and ARKit respectively in the last two years, things got easier for the mobile app developers too. They could now create apps to create immersive experiences for the users, even including social media apps. So, from Games to Social! That was the journey so far for AR technology. However, the technology will be now watched out in manufacturing, healthcare industry, and in activities of marketing and advertisements after the tech giants have upped their game of AR with advanced developer kits. Face recognition, rendering, 3D object detection, etc. are some of the anticipated benefits of AR that users will enjoy.

One Bonus Trend: Enterprise Mobile Management

Apps for EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) is likely to invade some space in the mobile app market in 2019. It empowers the organisational members and the workers with an app for the general execution of different business processes. It fortifies the security of business data and methods by streamlining them and incorporating them into the app.

Also, in certain urgent cases, the members could even execute some tasks from their phones and need not necessarily rush to the workplace.

That was all! There’s literally no stopping to mobile app development and an entirely new year in the mobile app realm awaits with these trends. If you are a player in the mobile app market, then don’t run away or miss out these promising revolutions. You can get in touch with Envertis, a leading app development company in Australia. It houses a team of mobile app enthusiasts who make sure that each and every app is built in line with the latest technological revolution around.

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