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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Transforming Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most impactful trends which is driving mobile apps experiences.  

Believe it or not, today AI is making the task of mobile users simplest with voice commands, face recognition, image labelling, and many other advanced functions. To put simply, it enables mobile devices to solve problems or complete tasks that require human intelligence. 

While it’s quite interesting to know how AI is advancing to be the next big technology to change man-to-machine interactions, most mobile app development companies are adopting it to offer highly personalised experiences to users.

As per the Statista report,

                   Revenues from the AI market will increase from around 9.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to an expected 118.6 billion by 2025.


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The McKinsey Global Institute classified AI into five broad categories: computer vision, natural language, robotic process automation, virtual assistants, and advanced machine learning. It further depicted that by 2030, nearly 70 % of companies might have adopted at least one or more of these AI technologies. 

With such a scenario, let us now find an answer to the big question. 

How AI is impacting Mobile App development?

AI is all around us all the time, helping in our day to day activities. 

Some prominent cases of AI technology today are shown below.

Google Maps showing the optimal route to take

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Product recommendations in eCommerce

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Siri or Alexa suggesting solutions when we drop a question

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Messenger Chatbots

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Tag suggestions in social media

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Smart email categorisation and Spam filters 

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AI expert and CEO/founder @, Wilson Chan recently tweeted explaining what is AI.


While AI makes a machine or device capable of responding intelligently like a human, it depends on deep learning of user behaviour, emotions or actions. An AI-enabled app makes use of it than to offer appropriate solutions or responses to users. 

We all know how mobile apps are already enhancing relations with customers, leading growth and profitability in businesses. Thus, it is no surprise that AI will bring further revolutions in the business world. By understanding user behaviour and patterns, it will enhance user engagement and result in faster business growth

Let’s find out more here about AI technology and how can you make use of it.

Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

AI is helping businesses to build up customer relations. By empowering the mobile apps to draw accurate insights about the users or customers, it helps businesses to provide the most relevant and personalised services. 

All these help apps in offering amazing user-experience and give the best outcomes. So, if you are into an iOS or Android app development and want AI to take your app to the next level, consider these facts about the technology. 

AI enhances the Search process

Integrating AI with an app will help in making the search experience smooth, intuitive and fast for your users. Mobile users will get relevant suggestions, spelling auto-correct, auto typing and voice search with AI integration. 


AI powers Digital or Voice assistant

Users just hate to type everything. So, provide your app with a digital assistant that will let users speak out what they need and have it. With predictive insights, any app integrated with AI will offer a proactive solution quickly on receiving a voice command. For instance, turning on AC while the user speaks out ‘It’s hot in here!’. In the business front, digital assistants make customer services fast and uninterrupted. Customers are able to get any query solved or access any information any time without depending on any human assistance for that. 


AI utilises data

The best implication of AI in app development is the integration of specific algorithms that will analyse the tendencies and behaviour pattern of the users. Based on that analysis, it will suggest personalised content, services or products. In short, AI will help businesses to increase their customer satisfaction greatly with their mobile apps, adding up to their sales and revenues. 


AI boosts App security

With an undeniable increase in cyber threats, the security of apps became the most important aspect to protect the privacy of the customers. And, AI is empowered to assure that with an unbreachable authentication process. It brings into action several recognition methods like face recognition and fingerprint unlock for exact user identification. Thus, mobile apps that need to save sensitive user data and financial credentials, AI will make them secured to the end. 


While these facts will help you realise why AI is prioritised so much today in mobile app development, we’ve also gathered the meaningful ways AI impacts businesses. 

Why should you reinforce AI into your App development?

  • AI tempts buyers with better predictions  

AI has prediction capabilities which enable an app to provide suggestions to customers more relevant to their choices and interests.  It is, therefore, wiser to apply AI in an eCommerce application. So, it tempts them and urges them to buy the products or services, thereby helping businesses better engage with customers and grow sales.

  • AI enhances customer loyalty

AI makes use of the traffic information and all customer data saved by the app from the login stage to POS (Point of Sale). With certain algorithms of the app, it processes and studies those data to learn about buyers needs and trends. It helps businesses to provide customised services, products and offers, which simultaneously drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • AI  makes business-to-customer interactions real

AI utilises Machine Learning that makes interactions with appliances/devices more human. Chatbots are the finest example. “They are AI-powered systems that communicate with humans using real-time, originally generated responses”. So, customers can put up a common query or get assistance to any problem from human-like bots. This helps in building up strong relationships with customers. 

With all these ways, it is clear that business owners who will push AI into their mobile apps are destined to make more progress and become competitive in the market. 

Wrapping up!

Artificial Intelligence is waving the world with endless possibilities and businesses are seeking to use it for delivering more value to their customers. 

There’s no room for doubt that AI in mobile app development is going to drive revenues for businesses by making their services customer-centric.  

Implementing the technology into your brand-new app idea will give you a great chance to attract, engage your customers and convert them into loyal buyers in the end. Even if you have an existing app in hand, integrating it with AI is no big deal! 

So, do not lose an opportunity to make use of this path-breaking advancement to make your app more valuable and drive your ROI. In any of the cases, we will be happy to help you. Envertis, being one of the best app development companies in Australia houses a team of enthusiastic mobile app developers with skills in all the latest revolutionary technologies. AI technology is one of them! Join hands with our team of app experts to experience success in your business with an AI-enabled app.

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