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Amplify Your Business with Premier Odoo Software Solutions

Businesses irrespective of their size or domain are widely implementing the use of Odoo for scaling their efficiencies. Odoo is a complete suite of business functions that cater the various crucial needs of businesses to ensure its smooth functioning. Ranging from manufacturing, human resources, inventory, eCommerce, logistics, supply chain, point of sale to project management and much more,  it greatly helps in mobilising your business operations.

Importance of Odoo

Prior to Odoo Implementation or Deployment, businesses used to manage their different operations by using different software systems. Different software systems like SalesForce, QuickBooks and PeopleMatter are used for working with different business functions like CRM, accounting and human resources respectively. However, these applications often used to fail in communicating with each other thereby, creating much space for errors.

On the contrary, Odoo comes as a gamut of all these business applications which, in turn, facilitates information flow between all the modules, thereby reducing time required for completing the tasks and minimising errors.
At Envertis, we are a Trusted Software Solutions Partner (TSSP) of Odoo and aim at offering an end-to-end enterprise software solution to clients for amplifying the operational efficiency. Thus, if you are looking for a reputed Odoo developer, partnering with us will be the superior choice for you.

Odoo Functionalities

The various functionalities of Odoo Software Solutions are hereby noted.

  • CRM
  • Sales Management
  • Accounting
  • Employee Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Payroll Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Invoicing

Odoo hosts an array of best-in-class features, some of which are hereby discussed.

Fully web-based

Odoo comes as a comprehensive web-based application which, can be accessed via web browsers. Furthermore, it equips users with easy multi-user management supporting as well.

Free Software

While comparing with other available ERP systems, Odoo comes as a free business management software such that you don’t need to buy any type of license for deploying it. Thus, you don’t need to pay for customisation, installation, implementation and integration of Odoo systems.

No Vendor Lock-In

Odoo is open source in nature, easy to install and free to download. This software hosts a vast community of users who are allied to offer continual support, share their knowledge, views and deal with various complex issues. The businesses can get no lock-ins by a single vendor as there is not particular group of people for controlling the Odoo developments. Moreover, it hosts a customisable source code which, in turn, help businesses to undergo their own predefined processes as well for fixing bugs and improving functionality.
With our premier Odoo development services, we let businesses to consolidate deeper insights of industry workflow, list out market trends, enhance customer engagement and maximise revenues as well. As a team of skilled Odoo developers, we help our clients to streamline their work process and facilitate greater cost-effectiveness.  

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