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Best Features to Include in Android App Development

Well, overwhelming features can accelerate and instigate web traffic to a mobile app. If you notice the global market, according to Statista, Google’s Android leads it with an 80% market share, while Apple’s iOS is second, with 15%. No wonder businesses are going crazy over Android app development services these days.

Android app development

Hence, it has become more than indispensable for an Android app development company to focus comprehensively while integrating important features.

Also, the trends in mobile app development keep renewing, offering an opportunity to add interesting and new features that draw users’ attention instantly along with being customer-friendly as well. You can always customise the features in accordance with the business requisites.

This blog is going to highlight the best features to include in the Android app development to make the app successful. Read on and make one of the top-ranked Android apps in Play Store.

Here is a list of features to include in Android app development to build successful Android apps.

User-friendly and simple interface

Simplicity with a touch of sophistication – this is how the user interface of an Android app should be. Also, creating a shortcut for important functions will be an added advantage. 

With the constant change in app development trends, the gesture control has become one of the crucial aspects of the app that allows mobile app developers to build the blocks including incorporating newer functionality. This ultimately leads to user experience enhancement.

Simple Login or registration page

This is quite common in mobile apps these days that users need to register through mobile numbers and email ids. Specifically, in the case of on-demand apps, users may be asked to create a personal profile.

However, you have to make sure that the registration page is short and simple. Keep in mind that users may get irritated with filling up long forms and unnecessary questions. You can just stick to name, email id, mobile number, and if necessary, the address.

Fast loading speed

Users prefer fast-loading applications. Hence, your Android app development team needs to ensure that the app loading speed does not exceed more than 10 seconds.

Also, it should be highly responsive and all functions should work well when tapped upon at any time of the day.

Android app development

Social media tools integration

Undoubtedly, for the Android app promotion, the various social media platforms are one of the best and most effective marketing tools.

Therefore, you have to integrate and get connected to the social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where you can promote your app along with providing information about any app updates. Also, the users can share their experience of using the app.

Payment integration 

Nowadays, most of the apps integrate the payment gateway allowing users to pay for the service or product using the app directly without using any other tool. So, having this feature will help your Android app to be liked by the app users instantly.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing feature is one of the most important assets of an Android app. With this feature, you can create a number of various other apps like messaging applications. It will not only boost the app strength but also will make your application visible in the traffic.

User feedback space

Whether your app is a hit or a flop show, depends on the user feedback. 

This feedback will help you to evaluate your Android app performance at regular intervals. Also, you will get scopes to improve the app functionalities. Hence, allow and encourage more and more people to send you their important feedback on your app either through the ratings or via writing comments.

Ability to work in offline mode

Well, getting an internet connection always and everywhere is sometimes impossible. Therefore, give the advantage of app usability even when there is no internet connection. Your app users will simply love to navigate all the app functions without spending their data. 

Multiple language support

Based on the target audience, you can add this great feature. You can develop such a mobile app that supports majorly spoken international languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and others. If your target is the Asian continent, Arabic and Hindi also become important to integrate.

Well, this language integration hugely depends on the budget of the client though.

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Wrapping up

Well, now you know the secrets to build an impressive Android app and on which features you should pay the most attention.

Often, the app users complain about the memory space shortage due to which they are not able to store vital data. Now, your role is to address this common issue while developing the Android app.

To make your mobile app development path smooth and risk-free, it is better to consult with a trusted iOS and Android app development company that can provide an entire team to you. This expert team will be responsible for everything starting from app conceptualisation and planning to app development, feature customisation to the addition of new features, app launch to support and maintenance. 

At Envertis, the trusted iOS and Android app development company in Australia, you will find an efficient app development team with 12+ years of working experience in this field that makes sure every client can get timely delivery of the complete business mobility solution meeting their business needs without compromising the quality.

So, ready to make your business mobile?

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