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How Real-estate Apps Development Are Helping Property Dealers

Apps are breaking the monotony of doing businesses!

Nowadays, one thing that is helping businesses to evolve uniquely and break away from all the generic marketing modes, is a Mobile APP.

While our last blog was about how apps are helping restaurants in lightening-fast food delivery, here we’ve explored how they are giving a push to the Real-estate businesses.

Every seasoned professional in any business sphere has presently realised the relevance of online presence and how it is essential for generating leads and acquiring new clients every day. Having a functional and striking website with actions for “Hire services”  or starting a Facebook page are effecting ways for creating the online presence. But, we bypass these typical ways and instead suggest you develop a mobile application.

Android and iPhone app development in Australia have grown out to be a mainstream digital marketing strategy for almost all businesses, opening up wider avenues to captivate customers. With the market size reaching to $2.0 billion,  there’s apparently no business area left out from the revolution of apps technology and real estate is one of them.   

People are hunting for homes via mobiles! They are no more heading personally from one broker to another but are swiping left and right on their mobile screens to view apartments and book one.

While the process sounds quite easy for buyers, apps are also a fair deal for sellers when property search online has risen to nearly 90%.

So, it’s the time to make one purposeful mobile application for your real-estate business too to market your properties in a better way than others.

If you’re thinking how to start, then here’s a detailed analysis of present-day real estate trends, benefits of intuitive apps, their features set and how they help dealers to turn potential visitors into buyers.

Know who are now the top real estate players in the market with the power of Apps.

Real estate app

In true sense, the app thing is taking out all the stress of the property owners in finding suitable buyers or tenants.

The search behaviour of the people indicates that most seek and peek at the properties through apps and other online mediums.

Image Source: National Association of REALTORS

Clearly, as a part of the real-estate sector, grabbing a pie of the apps market will give you impressive returns.

Perks of Real-estate app development at a glance

  1. Improved customer engagement
  2. Faster conversion of leads to customers
  3. Facilitates coordination between the broker and construction firms
  4. Helps customers to spot properties with geographic locations
  5. Detailed insights and information of the properties
  6. Offers a Virtual tour of the apartments/houses to customers
  7. Interactive maps and location itinerary.

It is due to these striking benefits that the trend of real estate apps is getting prominent. There’s been such a surge of real estate apps created for Android and iPhone users over the last five years.

On one hand, an app gives the property owners an alluring way to showcase their vast listings of houses and apartments. On the other hand, customers too get an instant option at their fingertips to start their quest for an ideal property any time at any location.

Clearly, apps bring the vast real estate market in an enclosed circuit enabling both sellers and buyers to interact directly and get a fair deal.

Must-have features to include in your real estate app

Login or User Profile Creation

This is the basic step to get a long list of users registered for your app. It assures that you have accounts of all potential customers who are actually keen to buy a property and not of those who just search with no inclination to purchase.

Real estate app

For user registration, you need to ask users for authentic details like email ID, phone number or social account credentials.  The best thing about getting all these details for the sign-up process is that it helps you to have a useful database of all prospective clients.  You can use it later to initiate target marketing campaigns with notifications, newsletters, offers or updates.  

3D View of the Properties

Large, clear and multiple images of the properties are what every alternative app is providing. To stand out from the rest, get 3D and more realistic property images for your real estate application.

Real estate app

With the application of VR (Virtual Reality), you can offer customers a 360-degree virtual tour of the apartments or houses.  It will help them know every minute detail of the property with just the stroke of their fingers. You can have a look here at the critical concept of 360-degree view of properties making their visions more real.

Advanced Property Search

This feature is to make the data concerning the properties informative and easy to access for the property seekers.

Real estate app

Your app should be built with a feature to let them search fast by locations, budget, square feet,  number of rooms, and listing type. The more you allow the searchers to narrow down their results, better is their chances to convert. This is simply because when they have already got a property fitting all their criteria, they are more likely to be impressed after seeing it in real.

Communication means

Heading to the aspect of deal closures, the app must have a feature to help buyers communicate instantly with the dealers or sellers such as chatbot, call integration, or a video call. The buyers need it to get all the information from the dealers about how to proceed with the buying procedure.

Real estate app

Three ways to provide your buyers with in-app interaction are:

Chatbot: It is like a messenger app with which buyers can text all their queries to a particular dealer.  

Call Button: It means providing a direct call button beside the dealer’s contact number in the listing that will initiate a phone call from the user’s mobile.

Video call:  This will help the buyers to have a face-to-face interaction with the brokers or dealers with a video app integration like Skype.

Interactive Map

Firstly, enable the users to choose between list view or map view as per their convenience while they scroll through the listings. While list view is the generic way to show your collection of deals, an Interactive map view will give them a better search experience over the areas they want.

Real estate app

The app will open up the Map with markers over all the properties included in the listing. So, when the users hover their finger over any marker, they will get some precise details of the property like price, sq. feet. To make the more the map more interactive, you can put in other information about the neighbourhood like schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc.

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    • Glad to know that, You liked it. Let us know if there is anything we can work together with, You can email us: or call us: 1300 858 289 ( No Obligations) and You are always welcome for a FREE consultation. We Provide Business Solutions and Software Development ( Mobile Apps, ERP. eCommerce, and many more..).

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