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Why Mobile App Trend Is Here To Stay In Food Delivery Industry?

Restaurant App DevelopmentApps have become the part and parcel of food delivery and restaurant businesses!


Are you willing to build an App like Menulog or EatNow? You are at the right place!


Online food ordering has become a convenient system for restaurant owners to drive more sales and knock out the competition in the industry. Check the short infographic below to know how easily and conveniently one can order and get food delivered through an app.


Restaurant App Development


With the idea to offer convenience, numerous businesses in the food and restaurant sector started having mobile apps for providing on-demand services to the customers. So, you too can have one. All you need is a trusted company for mobile app development, that has a team of expert Android app developers, iPhone app developers who can create an app to help your restaurant get into the on-demand delivery services.


The restaurants now cater to a  generation of consumer who demands that meals be served in ‘their way’ at all hours of the day and night.

While the new generation wants their food to be served in their way, there came the more swift and prompt method of ordering food online via an APP!


While the world has been taken by storm with the emergence of mobile apps, they are also transforming the market of food and restaurants. The Australian food delivery industry is experiencing rapid growth and the people are now seeing a dramatic change in the way they buy, order and consume food. 


A consumer study of 2500 diners by DMI to investigate the importance of mobile apps revealed that,


  • 73% used apps for quick-serves
  • 35% use mobiles always after entering a restaurant
  • 63% have at least one app for quick on-demand services


In context to the growing preference for mobile app order in the food sector, Morgan Stanley retail analyst Tom Kierath told The Australian Financial Review,


‘”People want to buy online because it’s convenient and that’s no different in takeaway food.”

So by far, most customers have shifted from the traditional method of phone-based ordering to a more convenient method. Here’s a sneak peek into the evolution of apps in online food delivery.


You will be surprised to know that the online food delivery industry is all set to get supersized to a hefty 200 billion dollar by the end of 2025. This tremendous increase is due to the huge demand and convenience of ordering food online and getting your favourite food from your favourite place right at the doorsteps. And again, this has increased the demand and necessity of having a food delivery app today.


Like the other industries, the food delivery businesses are also facing advancements in technology. And having an app is one of these advancements. The food delivery industry is thriving and here is the Statistics report to prove it.


The revenue in the online food delivery industry has reached around 122 USD dollar in the year 2020.
Revenue is expected to show a yearly growth rate of around 7.5 per cent, resulting in the current market volume of approximately 164 USD dollar by 2024.


As per Statista, its revenue is increasing to US$1,052 million in 2018.


Mobile app

Image Source: Statista


Australia has a shocking number of time-poor consumers, most within the age group 18-64 years old who are availing online food deliveries with apps. It is ironically called an Uber Eats nation, because of its overwhelming share in the online food delivery market which is followed by other apps like Menulog, Deliveroo, and Foodora. Although it was not much time that Aussies have inculcated the habit of ordering food online, the takeaways or online food sales of restaurants has grown by a staggering 18% in just three years.  The industry is set to soon become a market of $2.4 billion by 2025 if this rapid growth in the number of in-app orders remains consistent.


While most consumers are seen to order from apps at least once or twice a week, here are the names of popular on-demand food delivery apps used by Australians at present.


Restaurant App Development


Apps are helping food lovers a lot to satiate their cravings for any type of delicacy at any time. But, does the trend for mobile app benefitting the owners in the restaurant and takeaway business? Yes, it is.  Not only in churning out higher revenues, but it is also helping them to increase their market presence. Virtually!


How Food Delivery App Development Are Assisting Restaurant Businesses To Grow?


Restaurant App Development


While no doubt such apps are providing restaurant business with more room for growth, there is still some disquiet among some owners. It’s because of the high commission rates that are at play when they want to list their restaurants on the delivery platform like Deliveroo or UberEats. So, the only solution is to make one custom app just for their own food corner to provide online ordering and takeaway services. Well, with eminent and affordable services of Android and iPhone app development in Australia, you too can have your own quick service or on-demand delivery app built for your restaurant.


But before, here is a quick checklist of the features that you should include to make it as effective as other popular food delivery apps.


  • Providing everything at the table: A Vivid Menu

Any restaurant offers it at first or by default have it at the table for the visitors to see what’s available! So, when you are taking your visitors to an online portal, the same menu should be vividly presented to them with all the courses, items and prices. The app must be built with a clear, well organised, and categorised menu from where customers can view items, choose their dishes and add quantities before placing their orders.


  • Make way for easy ordering: Add-to-Cart Feature

The key motto for building an app for food delivery is to help the foodies and hungry ones to avoid long queues at the counter or a long wait at the table for their food to arrive. Hence, the app you are making will allow them to add items to the restaurant’s cart as many as required instantly. It will then send away the order details to the restaurant’s portal to let the cooks start preparing the order.


  • Provide for fast payments: Mobile payment

By offering your customers to pay for their orders online via the app’s payment gateway, you will take their convenience to a new level. With no hassles of cash payment, the customers will be required to enter their card details (debit/credit cards) or link the app to a bank account to facilitate swift transactions on the go every time they place an order.


Restaurant App Development


  • Give returns to your customers: Loyalty Schemes

Who does not want their customers to keep coming back to their app for reordering? We suppose all! There’s a fact that cost of retaining old customers is much less than acquiring new ones. It means to earn brand loyalty for your app and give your customers rewards or loyalty points in each of their orders. So, the next time they come back, they get surprised with redeemed offers or price discounts on the points they have earned back earlier.


  • Let people book a table: Table reservation

This feature is needed if you want your app to be a helper to those who love visiting your eatery for food instead of ordering it from homes. Having a table reservation feature will help them to book a table earlier, maybe a day in advance. So, you are giving a clear option to cut down all the frustration they have to go through when they couldn’t find a place after planning for a meal at your place.


  • Making it available for all: Multiple platforms support

To have more customers for your app, make sure it targets not one but all mobile platforms. Multiple avenues to your food-ordering app will make it apparently visible to all users groups in the market and in turn will fetch you more downloads Thus, ask for cross-platform app development from your partner to make your app available in multiple app stores.


Now that you have known well the benefits of having an app for your food juncture, waste no more time to have one. At Envertis, we have been the experts for delivering industry-specific apps and the food industry is one of our key domains. As a visionary company for app development in Sydney, we house a team of top iPhone app developers, Android as well as Ionic developers who can provide far-reaching solutions to businesses, regardless of how complex it seems. So, hire our iPhone app developers, Android or hybrid app developers now if you want your restaurant to go mobile!


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