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Here’s How To Develop Your Music Streaming Mobile App

Wherever you go, your playlist goes with you!

Today, there’s an app for almost everything and anything! Photo editing, tickets booking, food ordering, online shopping etc. now have become so mainstream. People are even dating through apps now! Yes! The mobile app development services have evolved and emerged this much.

Now, in such a scenario, not having a music streaming app is not done! Apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music etc. are hugely popular among the worldwide music lovers. Just a simple click and VOILA! Welcome to the world of music! Explore diverse artists, diverse music genre, explore artists, who give similar vibes to your favourite ones and many more!

What Is A Music Streaming App?

Only a true music lover can understand how the feeling is to explore his or her favourite music in the rich quality! With the constant progress and enhancements in the mobile app development tools, developers have been able to come up with such music streaming apps that offer a handful of benefits over the traditional way of music listening.

  • You don’t need to download the music files! Such apps will allow you to play anything at any time directly from the Internet. So, goodbye to your limited playlist.
  • It takes zero memory space. No download means no memory space. Hence, load your device storage with other necessary apps while music streaming app will take care of your music needs.
  • Get rich quality music. However, the superior quality you choose will cost your more data consumption.

Obviously, a few cons like not having some unreleased or rarest tracks by your favourite artists on such apps are there. Plus, some of the applications do not work in offline mode! But, when it comes to the point of music availability at any given point of time, such music streaming apps are unbeaten. And this is the main reason behind the immense popularity of such mobile apps.

Check out the video to find out the popular music streaming apps that are currently leading in the market.

Video Source: TechGumbo

Now, let’s dig into the points to make your app lovable to everyone!

Cross-platform App Development

Rather than only music streaming apps, this point is crucial for any mobile application development. Both iOS and Android apps are trending in the recent market. Hence, developing an app that can run on both platforms smoothly is the wisest decision.

Now, you can make two different versions of your application or can opt for a cross-platform development solution. React Native is an excellent choice to do the latter.

(Don’t confuse React JS with React Native. Read our article and learn the differences!)

Such cross-platform app development not only saves the overall app development cost but is time-efficient as well. Moreover, it helps you to reach a wider audience.

Accounts and Authorisation

Well, to be very frank, having an account is not necessary to stream your favourite music from apps. However, to explore the best possibilities, rather than using the app anonymously, having is account is a better option.

You don’t need to have an account in SoundCloud to play music. But if you want to upload or download anything, having an account is necessary. So, the most feasible solution would be providing an account creation option to the users while they can still use the app without having one, maybe with some limited functionalities.

Let the users give the option to create an account using social networking sites like Google or Facebook. Users will love it as it is a straightforward and easy method.

Streaming Function

This is definitely one of the core functionalities of the application. It goes beyond the words that it should support uninterrupted audio file streaming to offer your users rich quality playback.

Developers, it is better if you take notes of the following components while devising the streaming function.

  • Transmission protocols
  • Streaming technology
  • Supported audio file formats
  • Encoding methods

To build the audio streaming feature from the scratch, Node JS development is a great choice.


To offer your users the topnotch experience, your app must have this search option so that they can find the perfect music for their moods and taste. Users can find their favourite tracks, artists, albums, genres and playlists using it.

You can implement the search option based on the recommendation features. It will suggest the users tracks based on their previous playbacks or searches. It will also help them to discover new music.

Function for Playlist Arrangement

We play music depending on our moods! Right?

When you offer your users such a playlist arrangement function that can help to organise the playlist depending on various occasions like ‘work playlist’, ‘workout playlist’, ‘meditation playlist’, ‘dance numbers playlist’, ‘romantic playlist’, ‘driving playlist’ and so on, they will immediately feel attached to your application.

Offline Mode

No Internet, No Music! Now, this sounds horrible right?

As it has been already mentioned above that many music streaming apps only work on the availability of the Internet, you can take this consideration into your advantage by offering your users an app that runs smoothly in the offline mode as well!

Though you need to work a bit more hours to implement this functionality. But as it’s said nothing comes for free, invest your time and get fruitful results.

Social Integrations

It always happens that we find a beautiful track and instantly fall in love with it. We feel the urge to share it with our friends and acquaintances as well.  

Moreover, offer your users the chance to follow their favourite artists and bands so that they can immediately know any updates and can share it! Thus, when they share music on various social platforms, your app also gets marketing benefits!

Now, you know the secrets to make a successful music streaming app that users will love! However, the estimated time and cost for the entire app development haven’t been discussed here. It is better that you consult with top mobile app development companies like Envertis. Get quotes, analyse it, do your market research and build the app that can lead you to success!

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