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Odoo 12 Is Here! Let’s Get Through Its New Features

Odoo unveiled its latest version, Odoo 12 that will give a new edge to business ERP development!

Yes, it brings on usability improvements and new features along with some fresh modules. As a trusted Odoo partner and ERP solutions provider, Envertis works on every new update brought in the Odoo platform, presently the world’s easiest all-in-one management software.

So, what are the new things in Odoo 12? Does it bring any added advantage in ERP development? Yes. Odoo is always about updating and improving the quality of ERP systems.

Have a look at how the best ERP software is taken to level 12.

Odoo 12 vs Odoo 11

Undoubtedly, Odoo 12 has now much to offer!

Proclaimed as a “mature business management software”, we’ll find it here through a brief recounting of Odoo 12’s brand new modules,  features, and improvements.

Exclusive DMS (Document Management System)

Users can now save, store and share the documents within Odoo easily without a hassle with the new Document management system (DMS). This time Odoo tried introducing an advanced DMS, which was initially incepted in Odoo version 8. Mainly a feature module, it helps the HR department and other document-heavy industries, such as banking, insurance to share their important files and documents with others. It hence eases the communication within the company across various departments.

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Some worthy advantages of Odoo 12’s document management:

  • Users can organise and store docs as per the company’s process
  • Leads to Paperless administrative tasks owing to easy application of signature, archive, document designing and other online features
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for receiving invoices in different formats.
  • Retrieval of documents from any folder or active window any time.  

Persuasive Accounting System

The most striking feature upgrade in Odoo 12 is observed in the existing Accounting system. The new version makes it extremely beneficial for the users or companies by letting them sync with bank accounts and update their bank statements as and when required.

odoo 12

The newly added innovations with which Odoo 12 make accounting in business as easy as A, B, C are pointed below.

  • Auto scan to email that sends PDFs of all invoices in the system
  • Replicate bills for new suppliers by recapitulating the previous suppliers’ purchase orders and invoices
  • New In-app Purchase feature which let users send invoices, billing docs, reminders, etc.

Besides all these trailblazing improvements in the accounting module, Odoo 12 also brought tax localisation as a feature which reduces the companies’ dependence on customisation to adapt to the overseas country’s latest tax structures or reforms.

New dashboard system for better evaluation of data

Now the companies can better have the idea of the sales flow or financial health of the company. All thanks to Odoo 12’s new data layout or dashboard system! It allows the users to have a direct view of the major KPIs of the business.

Odoo 12

In other words, the dashboard acts as a custom system of reporting where the owners or managers get an overall view of the essential business data, compare them across different periods and evaluate the business performance over time. With the dashboard, monitoring the business activities is easy through graphs, pivot data and cohort views and hence, they can know how the business has evolved with time.

Newly evolved eCommerce module

Yes, the all-new capability to manage a number of websites on Odoo 12 will specifically serve the eCommerce companies. Selling online is easy with its seamless payment integration, shipping integration and connectivity with other systems, websites and ERPs.


Furthermore, Odoo eCommerce features a visitor configurator in the backend which facilitates the creation of orders. This saves up a lot of time! Creating an endless number of products with different variants is no more a requisite. Business owners can easily showcase all the products along with their varieties with the Product configurator of Odoo 12.

Apart from that, new website features for creating stunning web pages, advanced dashboard and new shipping connectors are some other attributes that make eCommerce a trouble-free venture.   

IoT Integration

While IoT or Internet of Things is right at the forefront of digital evolution securing overall connectivity, Odoo 12 comes with the IoT twist!  It means ERP or CRM solutions powered with Odoo 12 will have connectivity to IoT devices. A very impressive step ahead in the row of management, it will help the corporates to collaborate various departments and keep their activities connected by allowing the software to connect with both machines and workers.

Odoo 12

On one hand, IoT devices with connectivity to manufacturing will boost the process, on the other hand, users can have specific information of every machine used at the process and can control them.  

Simple Inventory Management with Barcode App

Thanks to Odoo 12’s new Blazing fast barcode app with the help of which workers can know about their pickings and process them faster.

The UI of the app is made comfortable for mobile uses too and it enables the scanning of lots with different serial numbers in different warehouse selves. Besides, an advanced graphical presentation for all inventory operations and merged Push and Pull Rules with enhanced usability to the rule view are the additional changes in inventory management system of Odoo.

Odoo 12

While that was all about the significant upgrades in Odoo 12 over its previous version/versions, here are some other quirky additions to it.

  • New field in the User form to differentiate between the Internal user, Portal, or Public.
  • Easy “Drag and Drop” of attachments into the chatterbox.
  • Odoo Livechat or Discuss will notify users as someone starts typing.
  • System of paid time accrual
  • Enabling Moderators in the Odoo discuss channel.
  • Inclusion of new payment acquirers like Alipay and Altpay
  • Faster entry system of data with an instant image presentation for Expense
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Updated Odoo Studio with Drag and drop fields
  • A featured system of Multi-website
  • Odoo Chatbot

That was all about the newly released Odoo 12! We hope the new features and set of advancements it brings will open up a wide range of possibilities for the businesses. So, as a proud partner of Odoo, we would do our best for Odoo ERP implementation with version 12.

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Being a pioneered ERP solutions provider in Australia, Envertis houses a team of dedicated Odoo experts in Sydney who have been implementing Odoo online to build robust management solutions for businesses in varied domains. And, with Odoo 12, we strive to break through all the challenges in ERP development and bring up unique solutions into the forefront for businesses. However, as of now, you can take a tour of Odoo 11 and its competent features.  

Looking at the incredible features of the new version, do you want your ERP software updated with Odoo 12? Our Odoo experts are here to help you!


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