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Odoo Enterprise vs Community Version – Which One to Choose For Business

Are you still struggling with huge data chunks in Excel sheets? Time to upgrade!

Well, you can say goodbye to this painful data integration with the right Odoo ERP solution. You can not only save time and pay more attention to other core business activities but also can save your pocket by automating most of the data handling tasks.

Odoo is an all-in-one automated business solution for every SMEs. Fluid architecture and robust navigation make Odoo exceptional from any of its competitors. It is highly configurable and customisable, which make it easy to be implemented in any manufacturing or service providing business process.

This Odoo business management software is available in 2 versions.

  • Odoo Enterprise (Licensed version)
  • Odoo Community (Open-source version)


Read on to know how these versions are different from each other and how these can help your business to grow.

Like no other open-source software, Odoo is really simple yet comprehensive covering all the sides of an enterprise’s workflow like inventory, production, sales, accounting, taxes along with HRM. In short, it entails EVERYTHING!

Recently, Odoo 12 has been launched in the market and with this latest version, many alluring opportunities for the online merchants have been opened up. Obviously, some features were already available in the immediate older version but the new features include addition and enhancements of the following factors.

  • eSign
  • Timesheets & Forecast
  • Leave management
  • Fleet
  • IoT
  • Barcode
  • Documents

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Now, let’s discuss the points where the Community and the Enterprise versions differ from each other.

Studio Access – In the Enterprise edition, users can work with Report Designer, Screen Customisation, Apps Creator and Menus editor. Well, to the Community Edition users, these features are not available.

Video Source: Odoo

Admin Level – The EE version offers functional support, version upgrades along with bug fixes. These features are unavailable in the Community Edition version.

Project Management – Usually, for large enterprises, employee timesheets, forecasting – these types of features play a crucial role. All these are available in the EE version only. Hence, the CE version is most appropriate for smaller businesses.

Odoo Project Management

UI – The Odoo Community Edition is only available on desktops. On the other hand, the EE version is available on both desktops and mobile.

Accounting – Although the enhanced accounting app now can be accessed by both Odoo EE and CE users, the Community Edition users are limited to payments and invoicing modules only. Only the EE users can get access to the full-fledged accounting suite.

Odoo Accounting

Inventory Management – Both EE and CE users have access to purchase management and inventory management modules. However, access to some extra modules like integration with shipping companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, barcode support etc. are available to the EE users only.

Odoo Inventory Management

Sales ManagementCustomer portal, CRM sales – these modules are accessible to both EE and CE users. Now, the EE users will get some additional access to the VoIP integration, e-signature, digital products and subscriptions.

Odoo Sales Management

Manufacturing – The Odoo Community version users will not get the options of using Maintenance, PLM, shipping integration and Quality modules.

Video Source: Odoo

Marketing – Both EE and CE users can avail the facilities of Expresses, email marketing, Events and Live Chat. The EE users will get extra access to email marketing templates, lead scoring and marketing automation.

Odoo Marketing

eCommerce – Both Odoo Enterprise and Community Edition version allows users to build full-scale feature-rich eCommerce stores. Now, the Enterprise Edition users will get access to additional features like payment integration, Amazon connector and eBay connector.

odoo eCommerce

Website Builder – All the basic website building elements are available for both CE and EE users. Also, both the users are allowed to use presentations and blog templates. For the EE users, additional access to the Call-to-Actions Blocks, Form Builder, Versioning, A/B Testing, visitor engagement enhancements etc. are available.

Odoo Website Builder

Well, based on your business requirements, you can choose the most feasible Odoo edition. While the Odoo Community Edition is available for free, the Enterprise Edition version is a bit pricey compared to that.

In today’s tech-savvy market, bundles of companies are offering Odoo customisation and implementation services with their expert consultants. Now, the question is how to find out the best Odoo consultant for your business?

You can get in touch with Envertis, one of the trusted Odoo ERP consulting companies in Australia. Also, we are a proud Odoo-Ready Partner and house the best Odoo functional consultants in Sydney. Whether you need complete Odoo programming, any custom modules or integration with your other business aspects, existing ERP system to be modified, our consultants have got you covered!

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