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Odoo.sh: The All-New Fullstack Platform for ERP

It’s time to discover Odoo.sh, the new and all-in-one cloud platform for ERP applications.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has become the cornerstone of most businesses, from big to small units. From managing accounts to sales processes, integrating HR and administrative tasks to marketing, it takes care of all. Well, what’s making this possible is the presence of all-in-one open source frameworks like Odoo. Specifically designed for small and mid-scale businesses, Odoo offers a full suite of apps, including sales and supply management, accounting, finance, purchases, recruitment and what not!  

This is the sole reason that every enterprise is now embracing Odoo ERP development to come up with a one-stop solution that perfectly integrates all their key functions. Over 3 million users are unleashing their growth potential with Odoo! So, it’s high time for you to consult an adept Odoo consultant and hire Odoo developer to get one ERP solution in case you do not deploy one.

But, there’s good news for all Odoo users!

Odoo.sh, also stated as Odoo SH is the latest and much more improvised version of Odoo released in the Odoo Enterprise category. A full-stack platform, it’s out-of-the-box and will help businesses with top-notch features that will ease the development of an ERP application suite. Some worth mentioning features are database replication, staging servers, email gateways, SSH access, DNS & routes, backup servers, and 24/24 monitoring.

While Odoo.sh is also the cloud platform used for deploying for Odoo apps, it comes with a round of features separately for developers, testers, system administrators as well as project managers. So, developing enterprise applications will be unquestionably easy now with Odoo.sh.

But, before you move to know what can Odoo online platform help businesses achieve, know why to deploy Odoo.

  • Odoo stands at the #4 position in the market among the ERP software.
  • Odoo, once called OpenERP moved past all traditional ERP players by breaking all the barriers with nearly 1,000 installations encountered each day.
  • Even the big business analysts from the Big 4 firms started preferring Odoo over SAP and other ERP platforms for its robustness, flexibility and avant-garde features.

Clearly, Odoo evolved fast and much impressively! With no point of looking back, Odoo became that one name amongst the enterprises that breaks the age-old convention of complicated ERP systems. It is modular (with approx 1000 ready-made modules) and gives all freedom to the users to add modules according to their business’s processes or functions. And now, with Odoo.sh which is cloud-based, things got more advanced and it offers the Odoo end users with widespread flexibility in building the apps that rightly fit with the needs of business.


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Odoo.sh features that you need to know before you deploy it.

Features for Developers

  • GitHub Integration
  • Clear Logs
  • SSH
  • Web Shell
  • Modules Dependencies
  • Mail Catcher
  • Continuous Integration

Features for Testers

  • Automated tests
  • Staging Branches
  • Track Development
  • Manual Tests
  • Community Modules

Features for Project Managers

  • Dev staging
  • Convenience
  • Staging Production
  • Share test builds

Features for System Administrators

  • High availability
  • Monitoring
  • Incremental Backups
  • Mail Servers
  • Instant Recovery
  • DNS
  • Top-notch Security
  • Great performance

While that was all about features enterprises can have with Odoo.sh, take a look at the facts that differentiate it and make it better than Odoo online.



  • Far advanced than Odoo online

Business enterprises must go for Odoo.sh because it is now better than earlier ERP versions in many ways. It is one-step ahead in terms of scalability and allows businesses to go for more customisation because it owns number of custom modules. Without a doubt, Odoo.sh is the perfect pick for business organisations as it gives users ample of scopes to modularise their ERP applications by incorporating custom add-ons.

  • More focus on Performance

While businesses only strive to grow and scale up their performance, Odoo.sh helps them achieve that seamlessly. With more features and strong technical foundations over other versions, Odoo help in maximising business performance. Using Odoo, entrepreneurs can get to know their KPIs, and status of every server from time to time.

  • Safer Data Backup

Odoo.sh is managed by the Odoo core platform itself and hence all your business data are safe and secured with its Automated backup. While the automated backup runs every day, the data is kept stored for about 3 months.

  • Easy testing and software management

Odoo.sh is the hybrid platform of Odoo and GitHub for which it facilitates the testing as well as management of the ERP software. While the enterprises can know the finest detail of Odoo integration via the GitHub’s development flow,  it also allows them to merge, tweak, clone or segregate the project with separate SSH keywords and secrets.

Apart from all that, Odoo.sh permits the users to test their software application developments and fix any glitches in case they are found.

While these are rare things that business enterprises can now enjoy by deploying Odoo.sh, we have here illustrated the common benefits that Odoo.sh as well the earlier version hold.

  • Simple maintenance

Once implemented, it’s always easy to run and maintain an Odoo ERP software, built with either of the versions. While it can ease all your key server tasks from processes monitoring to emails, it provides the simplest backup mode in few clicks with foolproof security.

  • Enhanced mailing service

Both of the current Odoo versions have the equal potential in providing mailing service. While Odoo online is an expert solution for setting up and managing the mail server using a domain name, Odoo.sh, on the other hand is pro as a mail catcher for reading the mails.

  • Security facilities

Odoo.sh as well as Odoo online version, both ensure maximum security when it is about securing the data of clients. The core types of security that they both emphasise upon are database security, password security, Odoo staff access, client communication security, system security and secured Odoo design.

Wrapping Things Up!

Most businesses now need an automated software to manage, organise and streamline their day-to-day tasks and Odoo ERP is the befitting solution that can serve them flawlessly! However, different businesses have separate workflows, distinct processes and clients. So, you need to decide first the features your business needs and ask your Odoo developer to get the best solution accordingly.  

Well, we at Envertis, a leading ERP solutions provider in Australia and also the trusted Odoo partner can assure businesses of all domains with powerful Odoo apps and solutions built on either of the versions. While Odoo is evolving exceptionally nowadays, it’s now high time you realise your growth potential with us by deploying Odoo.SH version application.

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