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How Salesforce CRM Solution Can Help You To Improve Your Sales Process

Adopting a CRM can give you game-changing results on the sales front!

The reason is quite simple. Companies thrive and sink by their customers. So, the better you can understand their wants and needs, the more are your chances to win sales. Besides, the increase of digitally-driven business activity indicates that there’s a wealth of data that you can use to better perceive the customers and their needs.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the business solutions growing from a valuable part of IT software to an integral, separate enterprise function,  irrespective of the size or type the enterprise. It is, in fact, has become an obligatory need for businesses, the key to stay connected to the customers and grow prospects and sales more than ever.

“Without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales.”- according to Pardot reports.

While there’s no doubt that CRM is the key solution needed to improve customer relationships, Salesforce is presently flourishing as the most powerful and consistent CRM to assure businesses accomplish that.

But, why and how? 

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Most sales leaders believe that deeper customer relationships are the main objective of businesses for long-term success. The probability of selling to a new customer is always less than selling to an existing one and so you need to focus on nurturing and valuing your existing relationships. Salesforce, helps you do that easily, being the world’s number one #CRM solution. Built especially for small and midsize businesses, it helps them grow by managing their customers, prospects and after-purchase processes efficiently and effectively.

As reported by Salesforce customers, average percentage improvements noticed:

Salesforce CRM

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4 major ways a Salesforce CRM can make your sales funnel better

  • Lets you find the right customers

Your sales and marketing can gather complete customers data by making most of the marketing automation and email campaigning and integrating them with the CRM. It will help them subsequently to get better insights to know which prospects or customers are probably convertible and can initiate communication with them.

  • Help reduce the costs of sales operations

There’s a lot of tasks involved apart from just selling in the sales process where the sales representatives invest their time.


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Of course, a CRM being a complete software for all sales and marketing needs brings in automation and different smart techniques for performing all the time-taking non-selling tasks including manual data entries, spreadsheets management to store data regarding leads and customers, etc.

  • Organises your leads to grab the opportunities

Salesforce helps not only to collect the leads information but also help in classifying and sorting them into different categories. So, your leads list is perfectly organised and you know who wants what and when. You can hence reach to those who have shown most interests in your services or products with a proposal, pricing information etc.

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  • Lets you provide better customer services

With Salesforce, you have the instant access to customers journey i.e. purchases history along with basic details. Thus, you could quickly send personalised messages, solve their queries and give a prompt solution, having all the right resources at your end. Such immediate and smooth interactions build trust in the customers and convince them to make repetitive purchases.

With an all-inclusive CRM solution built with Salesforce, you can strengthen the overall performance of your sales by:

  • Prioritising the prospects that are most likely to be converted and closed based on their initial interactions with your sales executive.
  • Knowing which of the customers are keen to make a deal and when is the right time to get back to them for optimal response
  • Harnessing the upsell and cross-sell opportunities, that is, looking out for any add-on deals that you can get into with the prospect.
  • Tapping opportunities with referral business from the existing relationships so that you no more have to spend time on dead-end leads and cold calling.
  • Making your entire sales team more capable of closing leads and also take less time to close by giving them the 360-degree view of the customers.

Unquestionably, with Salesforce, you can give your sales teams the tools to focus on selling and not the admin. It automates every task so that your team can sell smarter and faster.


All these are easy enough for any sales team as well as sophisticated enough for any business type. So, no need to worry about the compatibility of your CRM.  What you need is an expert Salesforce consultant who could get you a bespoke CRM solution that will not only go by your specific sales processes but will also maximise your ROI.  

Thus, you have it all. The brief explanation of how Salesforce can help you manage prospects and sales with a consolidated platform. It will empower your team to get smarter to nurture all the prospects in the right way.  The success philosophy of Salesforce is to “find, win and keep customers happy.” So, with lead prioritisation in action and opportunity management in action, see how your Salesforce CRM solution help you achieve that.

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