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Nowadays an ERP solution is a top priority for small businesses which, is about to gain more acceptance in the nearer future. This solution has the potential of increasing productivity and it can simplify the business process automatically. 

Here below given some glimpse of signs and symptoms which indicate your small business need an ERP system.

It has been seen for a long time, at the end of the month, it’s taking more time to reconcile different process of your business. And there are also many problems such as having trouble keeping up with its order volume and customer satisfaction and no idea how much inventory you have in your warehouse. Well, to get rid of these you may need to consider an ERP system for your business growth.

We are encircled by technological advancement and our businesses also get various technological support to maintain the same speed of advancement to retain the top quality of service. This practices impact the business landscape and offer better productivity.

Why you should need to get in touch with an Odoo ERP consultant:

A recent study is showing that organisations of all types and sizes face challenges like rising costs, resource constraints and the loss of subject matter experts as they leave the workforce. Organisations are likely facing similar challenges prompting them to replace or upgrade their existing technology. As the application landscape continuously grows and consolidates, organisations are highly interested in more integrated and robust technology solutions.

ERP Solution

A majority of organisations gets instant success by implementing or adopting the ERP solution. The adaptation of new technology can impact the main processes, causes disruptions in the workflows, complicate things and even burden the employees but there are many benefits, which can boost your small business process by saving the crucial time to gain more profit.

Organisations with broken systems typically suffer from broken business processes and vice versa.

What is ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning?

It’s a business process management software that allows an organisation to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and human resources and many more. 

An ERP facilitates the management of resources like materials, manufacturing, orders, and revenue between the stakeholders. And it can be used by any industry including manufacturing, information technology, retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, steel, chemicals, concrete, and agriculture.

ERP Solution

A small business must need ERP to streamline the business process and grow the business more scalable and viable for a long time. Though every business has unique process management, there’s no single indicator which can be blamed alone.

ERP Solution

Here given some signs of your business which can indicate the needs of an ERP solution:

Lots of unmanageable data:

For a business, handling a huge amount of data and maintaining the pace of the workflow always a complicated and time-consuming matter. And often data becomes quite confusing and tedious when you are trying to transfer this data to different departments. If you are experiencing the same, then it’s high time to implement ERP for your business.

An ERP, specially Odoo ERP helps you to reduce your struggle and confusion because all such data can be automatically shared.

A common mistake is to design and configure the system for only the first site and worry about the others later.

Lack of collaboration among different departments: 

Your business can grow and fetch better ROI (Return On Investments) when sales and marketing have greater collaboration and they will work together flawlessly and smoothly. But in many cases, the data of both departments are restricted to itself causes difficulties for the team to reap the benefits of available resources.

So what is the way out? Yes, an ERP solution can be a saviour. With the help of this software, anybody can single-handedly fetch and manage all data from all department every time the team needs it. Thus the process is called user-friendly and innovative.

Insufficient Insights:

To facilitate the planning of effective growth strategies, your business needs useful insights. If your business has a limited amount of data, this is much more difficult to run the entire process. Mining effective insights from limited numbers of data can’t help you to make any decision or conclusion. 

An ERP solution can help you to get better insights. The solution can fetch all data on one platform. And thereby it can help in making the data easily accessible. This implementation allows the user to see the merits and demerits and visualise them while moving ahead in the process.

Time-consuming and difficult accounting process:

If your business accounting process still depends on paper-based invoices and sales orders and your employees spend hours every week manually entering them into different accounting and sales systems then you should need an ERP solution to stop the time killing process immediately. 

ERP software can handle in an instant. And it can also be implemented for financial reporting. ERP accumulate all data in a single database so accounting staff won’t have to spend hours cross-posting information, rekeying numbers, or reconciling data manually. 

Unmanageable sales and poor customer experience:

Inventory management is often considered the most challenging part of the business process. If your sales, inventory and customer data are maintained separately it can create problems across your business. 

ERP system can help all the staff or employee, to access the same, up-to-the-minute information. This software also helps in customer-facing practices, where the staff should be able to answer customer questions about order and shipping status, payment status, service issues, etc flawlessly and more correctly. It will boost your services as it will plan your data well and also make it accessible.

Expensive IT practices:

You may find that you have to manage different IT teams for different departments which leads to unnecessary expenses and unexpected drawbacks. Not only that, you might face technical failures despite paying much to the IT staff. 

Forget about different IT teams. You should need to Implement ERP solution like Odoo ERP to make things interoperable and be carefree cause ERP solutions won’t even require expensive maintenance!

Restricted Team: 

If your business is suffering due to decentralise format or you can’t manage all of your branches due to distances or various location issues then you should need to implement ERP solution to centralise your business as soon as possible.

ERP solution helps you to get the liberty to work from anywhere for better productivity. If your ERP solution has cloud integration than it allows every team member to enjoy the benefits of ERP anywhere, be it a hotel room, car or a plane.

Now as you aware of the signs and already understand the benefit of ERP implementation, you may read about Odoo ERP here and if you want to know more about the latest versions of Odoo ERP then you can read here

Wrapping up:

ERP implementation requires steady leadership, significant resource investment, the right system integrator as well as a detailed project plan and communication strategy. Rather than adding more staff or software and complexity, ERP technology can give you the agile technology and it should be game-changing productivity enhancement tool for your small business.

You should take ERP seriously as it helps you to remodify your business process to get better ROI and help your staff to get the optimum benefits of ERP in managing your different business modules to meet with some specific goals.  

We, at Envertis, house a professional team of best Odoo ERP consultants in Australia and known for providing the best industry-specific ERP solutions. Be it consultation, planning, development, deployment, maintenance, and support – our ERP functional experts are here to help you out. For any queries, you can reach the experts either by calling them directly or by visiting our official website.

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