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Best Features to Include in Android App Development

Well, overwhelming features can accelerate and instigate web traffic to a mobile app. If you notice the global market, according to Statista, Google’s Android leads it with an 80% market share, while Apple’s iOS is second, with 15%. No wonder businesses are going crazy over Android app development services these days.

Android app development

Hence, it has become more than indispensable for an Android app development company to focus comprehensively while integrating important features.

Also, the trends in mobile app development keep renewing, offering an opportunity to add interesting and new features that draw users’ attention instantly along with being customer-friendly as well. You can always customise the features in accordance with the business requisites.

This blog is going to highlight the best features to include in the Android app development to make the app successful. Read on and make one of the top-ranked Android apps in Play Store.

Here is a list of features to include in Android app development to build successful Android apps.

User-friendly and simple interface

Simplicity with a touch of sophistication – this is how the user interface of an Android app should be. Also, creating a shortcut for important functions will be an added advantage. 

With the constant change in app development trends, the gesture control has become one of the crucial aspects of the app that allows mobile app developers to build the blocks including incorporating newer functionality. This ultimately leads to user experience enhancement.

Simple Login or registration page

This is quite common in mobile apps these days that users need to register through mobile numbers and email ids. Specifically, in the case of on-demand apps, users may be asked to create a personal profile.

However, you have to make sure that the registration page is short and simple. Keep in mind that users may get irritated with filling up long forms and unnecessary questions. You can just stick to name, email id, mobile number, and if necessary, the address.

Fast loading speed

Users prefer fast-loading applications. Hence, your Android app development team needs to ensure that the app loading speed does not exceed more than 10 seconds.

Also, it should be highly responsive and all functions should work well when tapped upon at any time of the day.

Android app development

Social media tools integration

Undoubtedly, for the Android app promotion, the various social media platforms are one of the best and most effective marketing tools.

Therefore, you have to integrate and get connected to the social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where you can promote your app along with providing information about any app updates. Also, the users can share their experience of using the app.

Payment integration 

Nowadays, most of the apps integrate the payment gateway allowing users to pay for the service or product using the app directly without using any other tool. So, having this feature will help your Android app to be liked by the app users instantly.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing feature is one of the most important assets of an Android app. With this feature, you can create a number of various other apps like messaging applications. It will not only boost the app strength but also will make your application visible in the traffic.

User feedback space

Whether your app is a hit or a flop show, depends on the user feedback. 

This feedback will help you to evaluate your Android app performance at regular intervals. Also, you will get scopes to improve the app functionalities. Hence, allow and encourage more and more people to send you their important feedback on your app either through the ratings or via writing comments.

Ability to work in offline mode

Well, getting an internet connection always and everywhere is sometimes impossible. Therefore, give the advantage of app usability even when there is no internet connection. Your app users will simply love to navigate all the app functions without spending their data. 

Multiple language support

Based on the target audience, you can add this great feature. You can develop such a mobile app that supports majorly spoken international languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and others. If your target is the Asian continent, Arabic and Hindi also become important to integrate.

Well, this language integration hugely depends on the budget of the client though.

Video Source: Android Developers

Wrapping up

Well, now you know the secrets to build an impressive Android app and on which features you should pay the most attention.

Often, the app users complain about the memory space shortage due to which they are not able to store vital data. Now, your role is to address this common issue while developing the Android app.

To make your mobile app development path smooth and risk-free, it is better to consult with a trusted iOS and Android app development company that can provide an entire team to you. This expert team will be responsible for everything starting from app conceptualisation and planning to app development, feature customisation to the addition of new features, app launch to support and maintenance. 

At Envertis, the trusted iOS and Android app development company in Australia, you will find an efficient app development team with 12+ years of working experience in this field that makes sure every client can get timely delivery of the complete business mobility solution meeting their business needs without compromising the quality.

So, ready to make your business mobile?

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Google Introduces Flutter 1.0: The Stable UI Toolkit For Apps On iOS and Android

Flutter 1.0, the first stable version of cross-platform UI Toolkit by Google hits the market!

In the first week of December, the tech giant Google breaks the ice about the cross-platform app development tool Flutter, announcing the stable release of its version 1.0. Conquering over the beta release of Flutter, Google assured the UI toolkit to be glitch-free, seamless and all-encompassing to help app developers build fascinating apps on both Android and iOS platforms from a single codebase.

 Video Source: Google Developers

Flutter is fast, productive and flexible UI.  It is the solution the gives developers the best of two worlds: hardware-accelerated graphics and UI and targets the two most powerful mobile operating systems, i.e. Android and iOS.

Some history before you know how Flutter will help in app development

Even though cross-platform app development is not a new thing, it is filled with numerous compromises. Developers are compelled to build the same app repetitively for the individual mobile operating systems.

This induced the visionary tech corporation to make a giant leap to build a UI toolkit facilitating cross-platform app development to build interfaces for the underlying mobile platforms. So, earlier this year, Google had kicked off the Flutter’s beta version proclaiming it to be a unique UI toolkit and its stable release 1.0 is out now finally after months of previewing. The SDK sets itself as a “middle layer for software makers tool, sitting between the platforms like a code-based railroad switch.”  

It thereby bridges all the gaps between the platforms and aids both Android and iOS developers to deliver their complete creativity and vision into the native apps without confined to the limitations of any development framework.

There’s no room for doubt that the launch of Flutter is a major step ahead when cross-platform app development has become too complex, cumbersome and to say further, too much fragmented. Building apps individually for Android or iOS platforms has been a severe strain on the businesses. But, it need not be anymore with Flutter 1.0 emerging out in the scenario.

The key highlights of Flutter 1.0

While Google promotes Flutter 1.0 as a characteristic app engine which the developers can embed in an existing app or use for an entirely new app.

Here are the four main highlights of the framework.

  • Flutter enables app developers to design beautiful apps. It allows them to handle the screen’s every single pixel and gives them the freedom to create animated graphics, place texts or videos they way they deem fit. Flutter help in delivering priceless pixel experiences on the mobile platforms by utilising its compact set of widgets. Also, it helps them in realising the benefits of Material design,  which is the Google’s specific design system for delivering ultimate digital experiences.



  • Flutter is immensely proactive and productive UI toolkit. It is power-packed with state-of-the-art features which assist the app engineers and developers to repeat steps in the apps development, iterate or make changes in real time. They can change the code, view the changes sought in an app without worrying about the app to start again and lose its current status. All-in-all, Flutter’s ingenious capabilities will make the development process thrice productive than before.


  • Flutter is an open-source SDK toolkit. It bears the BSD-style license and is built with the major contribution of a vast pool of app developers from all parts of the world. Along with the strong Flutter community, it is also powered by a comprehensive ecosystem which comprises a plenty number of plugins and widgets.


Additionally, with Flutter, the developers can also have access to any iOS or Android app development tools. For instance, Kotlin or Swift.

What’s the Future With Flutter 1.0?

Promises better designing and development

Being the stable launch since the beta version released months ago, designers and developers are eagerly ready to utilise Flutter 1.0 for recreating UI with most interactive designs and graphics ever. Besides, it is also designed to help them create own kind of widgets for apps or customise the existing ones.

Win a favourable clientele

According to Google, many new developers are getting acquainted with Flutter and in no time there will be apps mushrooming out everywhere in the world. However, Google has been using the platform earlier for a huge number of products including its own Google Ads. Other prominent names that switched to Flutter for cross-platform app development earlier are Alibaba, Philips Hue, Hamilton, Abbey Road Studios and so forth. Thus, with these big guns already seizing the usefulness of Flutter prior to its stable launch, there is no doubt that it will be winning a rich clientele sooner or later.

Cost-effective apps by happier developers

Besides all the buzz, the best of the advantages of deploying Flutter is that it saves up both time and costs in cross-platform app development. While Flutter 1.0 is the next big milestone in app development, it gave more choices to the developers making them happier. Among its features, ‘stateful hot reload’, a rich set of widgets and absolute native performance are the best ones that appeal most to developers.

Benevolent advantages of Flutter to Mobile App Owners

  1. Faster app development due to the shorter development cycle and faster coding
  2. Single codebase is applicable to both iOS and Android platforms
  3. Less testing owing to one codebase
  4. With the same UI, there are no extra costs for supporting older OS versions or devices
  5. Ideal concept for introducing MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

Altogether, cross-platform app development will now be far more simple, quick and result-driven, letting businesses get well-designed, captivating apps in record time.

As mobile application development is becoming less challenging over the time with new technologies erupting and teams of proficient app developers trying hard, this new advancement in the name of Flutter 1.0 will be another big turning point!

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Why Mobile App Trend Is Here To Stay In Food Delivery Industry?

Apps have become the part and parcel of food delivery and restaurant businesses!

Are you willing to build an App like Menulog or EatNow? You are at the right place!

Online food ordering has become a convenient system for restaurant owners to drive more sales and knock out the competition in the industry. Check the short infographic below to know how easily and conveniently one can order and get food delivered through an app.

restaurant app

With the idea to offer convenience, numerous businesses in the food and restaurant sector started having mobile apps for providing on-demand services to the customers. So, you too can have one. All you need is a trusted company for  mobile app development, that has the team of expert Android app developers, iPhone app developers who can create an app to help your restaurant get into the on-demand delivery services.

The restaurants now cater to a  generation of consumer who demands that meals be served in ‘their way’ at all hours of the day and night.

While the new generation wants their food to be served in their way, there came the more swift and prompt method of ordering food online via an APP!

While the world has been taken by storm with the emergence of mobile apps, they are also transforming the market of food and restaurants. The Australian food delivery industry is experiencing rapid growth and the people are now seeing a dramatic change in the way they buy, order and consume food. 

A consumer study of 2500 diners by DMI to investigate the importance of mobile apps revealed that,

  • 73% used apps for quick-serves
  • 35% use mobiles always after entering a restaurant
  • 63% have at least one app for quick on-demand services

In context to the growing preference for mobile app ordering in the food sector, Morgan Stanley retail analyst Tom Kierath told The Australian Financial Review,

‘”People want to buy online because it’s convenient and that’s no different in takeaway food.”

So by far, most customers have shifted from the traditional method of phone-based ordering to more convenient method. Here’s a sneak peek into the evolution of apps in online food delivery.

As per the Statista, its revenue is increasing to US$1,052 million in 2018.

Mobile app

Image Source: Statista

Australia has a shocking number of time-poor consumers, most within the age group 18-64 years old who are availing online food deliveries with apps. It is ironically called as an Uber Eats nation, because of its overwhelming share in the online food delivery market which is followed by other apps like Menulog, Deliveroo, and Foodora. Although it was not much time that Aussies have inculcated the habit of ordering food online, the takeaways or online food sales of restaurants has grown by a staggering 18% in just three years.  The industry is set to soon become a market of $2.4 billion by 2025 if this rapid growth in the number of in-app orders remains consistent.

While most consumers are seen to order from apps at least once or twice in a week, here are the names of popular on-demand food delivery apps used by Australians at present.

Mobile app

Apps are helping the food lovers a lot to satiate their cravings for any type of delicacy any time. But, does the trend for mobile app benefitting the owners in the restaurant and takeaway business? Yes, it is.  Not only in churning out higher revenues, but it is also helping them to increase their market presence. Virtually!

How Food Delivery App Development Are Assisting Restaurant Businesses To Grow?

Mobile app

While no doubt such apps are providing restaurant business with more room for growth, there is still some disquiet among some owners. It’s because of the high commission rates that are at play when they want to list their restaurants on the delivery platform like Deliveroo or UberEats. So, the only solution is to make one custom app just for their own food corner to provide online ordering and takeaway services. Well, with eminent and affordable services of Android and iPhone app development in Australia, you too can have your own quick service or on-demand delivery app built for your restaurant.

But before, here is the quick checklist of the features that you should include to make it as effective as other popular food delivery apps.

  • Providing everything at the table: A Vivid Menu

Any restaurant offers it at first or by default have it at the table for the visitors to see what’s available! So, when you are taking your visitors to an online portal, the same menu should be vividly presented to them with all the courses, items and prices. The app must be built with a clear, well organised, and categorised menu from where customers can view items, choose their dishes and add quantities before placing their orders.

  • Make way for easy ordering: Add-to-Cart Feature

The key moto for building an app for food delivery is to help the foodies and hungry ones to avoid long queues at the counter or a long wait at the table for their food to arrive. Hence, the app you are making will allow them to add items to the restaurant’s cart as many as required instantly. It will then send away the order details to the restaurant’s portal to let the cooks start preparing the order.

  • Provide for fast payments: Mobile payment

By offering your customers to pay for their orders online via the app’s payment gateway, you will take their convenience to a new level. With no hassles of cash payment, the customers will be required to enter their card details (debit/credit cards) or link the app to a bank account to facilitate swift transactions on-the-go every time they place an order.

Mobile app

  • Give returns to your customers: Loyalty Schemes

Who does not want their customers to keep coming back to their app for reordering? We suppose all! There’s a fact that cost of retaining old customers is much less than acquiring new ones. It means to earn brand loyalty for your app and give your customers rewards or loyalty points in each of their orders. So, the next time they come back, they get surprised with redeemed offers or price discounts on the points they have earned back earlier.

  • Let people book a table: Table reservation

This feature is needed if you want your app to be a helper to those who love visiting your eatery for food instead of ordering it from homes. Having a table reservation feature will help them to book a table earlier, maybe a day in advance. So, you are giving a clear option to cut down all the frustration they have to go through when they couldn’t find a place after planning for a meal at your place.

  • Making it available for all: Multiple platforms support

To have more customers for your app, make sure it targets not one but all mobile platforms. Multiple avenues to your food-ordering app will make it apparently visible to all users groups in the market and in turn will fetch you more number of downloads Thus, ask for cross-platform app development from your partner to make your app available in multiple app stores.

Now that you have known well the benefits of having an app for your food juncture, waste no more time to have one. At Envertis, we have been the experts for delivering industry-specific apps and food industry is one of our key domains. As a visionary company for app development in Sydney, we house a team of top iPhone app developers, Android as well as Ionic developers who can provide far-reaching solutions to businesses, regardless of how complex it seems. So, hire our iPhone app developers, Android or hybrid app developers now if you want your restaurant to go mobile!

Do you want to develop a food delivery app?

Android App Development Tools
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9 Top Android App Development Tools of 2018

Simple. Easy. Smooth.

Well, most of the app developers think of these factors while developing an application. And the right development tool selection will absolutely work in the favour of the developers.

Mobile technology is emerging in a day to day manner and so is the mobile app technology! Presently, if you closely observe the market scenario, you can clearly get an idea of the fact that the iOS and Android are two ruling platforms now.

More or less every business today has realised the importance of having a dedicated mobile app and how it can be utilized to build a vast customer base and to reach the wider audience. Hence, along with Android and iPhone app development, custom app development is also getting huge attention as businesses can devise applications based on their respective needs and demands.

Recently, at Google I/O 2018, some killer Android announcements have been made. Don’t forget to check it out!


Video Source: Android Developers

As mentioned earlier, to build an impressive feature-packed app, perfect development toolkit is required. Now, what can the Android app developers expect from a potent toolkit?

> Proper assistance in building quality-rich apps

> Assistance in improving the workflow, boosting up the overall development process.

This is where you would find some top and dynamic tools offering you the solutions to the above-mentioned points. Here, we’ve covered tools from every aspect like design tools, IDEs, gaming engines and emulators. Read on and choose the most suitable ones for your mobile app development.


Android app development tools


Don’t forget to add this excellent debugging tool in your Android toolkit!

Since the time Facebook Team has introduced this great debug bridge for Android applications, the “bugs hunting” method has become quite effortless to the worldwide Android app developers. Beside this, Stetho has become a dependable helping hand in

  • Monitoring and checking network operations
  • Scrutinising the View hierarchy
  • Checking the SQLite database

Android app development

All the debugging information is sent to the browser from USB using HTTP WebSockets server. Simply type chrome://inspect, get the permission to access data.


With the efficient help of it, you can get the Android phone screen on the pc. As integrating an Android device with the desktop becomes absolutely easier using this tool, most of the app developers are quite fond of Vysor. Using ADB, it can be easily installed. Now, simply go to the Google Chrome Web Store, download an application for integration.

Android app development

Not really like to develop apps on the emulators? But want to explore the benefits of using it? Well, with Vysor, you can do so. More interestingly, think about live application demos on big TV screens and projectors. Yes, with Vysor, even that is possible.


Well, stuck in between the coding? The dead end is giving you hard times? Some great suggestions to proceed further with the app development process would have been better?

Think no more! Your Artificial Intelligence (AI) pair programmer is here! Codota will help you to get some workable suggestions and you won’t even have to leave the IDE as well while getting the suggestions. This definitely boosts up the entire mobile app development process. Not only individuals, even those who are working as a team also get benefited with it.

Android app development

The instant search offered by Codota will help you to look for any Java class. Plus, your code remains safe as Codota team has ensured they don’t upload any of your data on the cloud.

Android Studio

Well, this is the official IDE for Google’s Android operating system. It serves multiple purposes but the “Swiss knife” control is obviously in the developer’s hand.

> You can use it as a programming language (Kotlin, Java, C++ and many more) editor.

> It can work as a compiler helping you in creating a file system, multiple APK files to arrange everything related to the app project.

> Also, it includes Android SDK. (Though you need to download the Java SDK separately)

> It works as an XML editor as well.

Android app development

With a fast emulator, APK analyser, code editor, visual layout editor, real-time profiler and flexible build system – Android Studio is a complete Android tool to build mobile applications.


Initially, it used to work only as an Android emulator. However, with time, it has evolved into a complete platform helping you in

> devising the app

> App testing

> App deploying.

GenyMotion comes with more than one virtual machines for different versions of Android. Moreover, as it operates in the X86 mode, developers can effortlessly do code checking. Plus, the flash speed offered by this tool helps in rapid app development for most of the Android app development companies.


If you are new to Android app development sector, AIDE is definitely going to aid your pain points! HTML, CSS, JavaScript – everything is supported by this toolkit. Whether you want to develop Android apps or PhoneGap apps, AIDE provides detailed step by step guidance to help you in the app development process. The most interesting fact about this toolkit is that it not only helps in building impressive apps but also to develop seamless websites.  

Android app development

The “superpower” of AIDE is it can develop an Android app while it runs on the Android itself! And you can test the app as well on the very same device! Now, how cool is that!

Source Tree

This feature-rich Android development toolkit is suitable for both the beginners and the experts. Other than helping in writing codes, it will help you to visualise branches, changes, commits – everything in a single click! You can get a complete GUI, which works seamlessly with mercurial and git.

Android app development

An interesting fact about this development tool is that it works on both Mac OS and on Windows OS. This tool is well-structured and helps app developers in easy navigation. To avail all these features, you don’t even have to use any command-line! The free version of it is good for the newbies and for learning. Once you master it, you can opt for the upgraded beta version to explore more impeccable features.


It is one of the most powerful Android app development tools that are quite popular among the worldwide Android mobile app developers. The feature-packed Fabric will help you in

> Development

> Deployment

> To extend.

Android app development

You have the option to earn money from the revenue generated by ads and Fabric will help you in that too. If you are looking for a complete solution to develop an app, to spread and to monetise it, then this is the perfect choice for you.

B4A (Basic for Android)

This is one of the must-have Android app development toolkits that are currently trending in the market. A speedy app development can significantly reduce total app development cost and this tool is just the perfect choice for rapid app development. The below-mentioned features of B4A will help you in speedy app development.

> Wireless debugging

> It offers a visual editor that can manipulate your views according to your preferences

> It develops Android applications using a simple BASIC programming language  

Android app development

B4A is such a convenient interpreter and IDE that makes your app development process much simpler and smoother with a procedural programming language.

Well, this list is not complete without mentioning some other well-accepted Android tools like

> InstaBug – A new level to “bug hunting”.

> Eclipse – First choice of developers until Android Studio came into the big picture!

> LeakCanary – The perfect tool for pointing out the leakage in the codes while checking.

> Takt – A great library to check app’s FPS thoroughly along with spotting down the bugs in the development phase.

> Unreal Engine – Perfect tool to opt for cross-platform app development and for building feature-rich, powerful game apps.

So, the aforementioned list represents some of the Android app development tools that help or boost the app development process from many aspects and provide enough reason to be preferred by most of the Android app development companies worldwide. If you are thinking of getting an application for your business, or if you have an interesting app idea, make sure to hire the best app developers in Sydney.

Envertis, a Software development company in Sydney houses an efficient, dedicated and professional team of website and app developers. To avail the best Android development services at the best price, get in touch with the team that can make your app idea into a reality!

Did you find our blog helpful? Liked it? Well, visit our official website, follow our LinkedIn page and keep in touch to get more such technology-related updates, news and blogs.

Mobile app development
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It’s All About Your Business APP

What’s changing the face of businesses dramatically these days? None other than Mobile APPS!

Mobile apps have opened up many new opportunities for businesses. They are helping companies to do business on the go. Ever since the concept of mobile apps surfaced, app makers have been exploring every other category. Personal utilities, shopping, entertainment, social networking, gaming, news, travel and health, are to name a few. Thus, it is a universal truth that “there’s an app for anything and everything”!

While the contribution of mobile apps is a never-ending story, we have here put down the most compelling benefits of having a mobile app in your business.

You get to be visible 24×7

Being on the app will get you an advantage of staying visible to your customers/audience all the time. On an average, a person spends 2-3 hours a day on the mobile phone. Hence, the moment you are available on an app, the chance of people to ask for your services/products just doubles because you are just one tap away.

You have further option to increase your visibility through exclusive customer engagement tools. Like daily push notifications, offer reminders through emails, flash messages, etc.

Apps let you strengthen customers loyalty

Your business app will let you have a direct connection with your customers. They can avail your services anytime instantly. Thus, there develops a closeness between you two and that fosters brand loyalty of customers towards your business. However, you need to feature something unique to earn their loyalty. Star points rewards, additional discounts on repeat purchase, coupon codes, etc. are some useful ways.

Apps reinforce a business as a brand

Every company wants to be the number one choice for the customers. This means they want to make people fully aware of their service. Apps can help you to be on the top of awareness in the minds of target customers. Thus, whenever a customer needs a product or service, your app is the first thing they remember.

Apps get you a direct marketing channel for your service

While an app is multi-functional, it serves as a most direct source to market your service/product. It can provide every essential information, including prices, new offerings, offers, booking forms, company details etc. Besides, search options, user account registration, live chat feature are some of the bigger benefits to customers that help them directly interact.

App make your business more competitive

Apps are still now a distant concept for small-scale business. So, this is the point where you can actually take a giant leap and stay ahead of your competitors. You can be the first one in your category to bring an app for customers’ convenience and create news for bringing up such a forward-thinking idea in business.

In a nutshell, apps are raising the value of businesses and helping to build a long-lasting relationship with customers. One fantastic app! And your business will better off than anything else in the market. On one hand, they are a dominant tool promoting digital interaction with customers. On the other, they give you a medium of marketing of your services/products.

Clearly, mobile apps development will soon become an indispensable part of the business. So, it’s up to you to decide if you want to be the first one to get an app and reach out to customers far and wide.