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Migrating To Magento 2.0? Here’s What You Should Know First

Want your eCommerce store to perform better? Upgrade it with Magento 2.0! 

We will tell you why you’re heading in the right direction by migrating your eCommerce store to Magento 2.0, regardless of the platform, it is built with. 

But, before that, let’s take a dig at the facts about the platform to know why businesses all around the world are preferring Magento solutions for eCommerce.

Magento is the 3rd most popular platform powering nearly 241,126 live websites around the world. The reason for this platform to be the number one choice among the merchants is its “essential features that allow merchants to build customized online shops for their business”. Secondly, it is updated regularly with new version releases letting many features addition and functional improvements. In one word, Magento is still the most ‘evolving’ eCommerce platform. 

Migrating to Magento 2.0? Facts Revealing Why You Should Do It

magento 2

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Magento 2

Magento 2

Magento 2

However, Magento 2.0 is still behind Magento 1.0 in major market segments and websites categories. 

Among  241,126 websites in Magento, 123,664 websites use Magento 2.0 out of which 52,912 are live now. 

This versus study over the last 30 days shows that Magento 2 still has a long way to go to be widely implemented among eCommerce merchants.

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So, the big question now! 

“Why do you need to migrate to Magento 2?”

The days of Magento 1.0 have nearly numbered as the platform has officially declared to end its support for Magento 1.x versions in 2020. 

While this is one enough reason for you to make a move to Magento 2.0 as soon as possible, there are several other things to know.

With minimum time for transitioning a whole eCommerce store from an earlier version to Magento 2.o is 3 months, we recommend you to think about it today if you don’t want to run the risk of selling with an unsupported software in future. 

But before you make a move, here are the outstanding benefits offered by Magento 2.0. 

Fast and improved performance

Sites built with Magento 2.0 run at a much faster speed, on an average 20% faster than any Magento 1.0 site. Thus, you could get a high performing store which will drive visitors to check out but will also raise the rankings in the search engines. Besides, a faster loading website helps to improve a site’s ranking in the search engines. 

Streamlined process of checkout

Magento 2 is far better with the payment and checkout process than the earlier 1.x versions. The long 6-step process in Magento 1 is no more prevalent in version 2.0. The latter offers an easy 2-step process for checking out along with Instant purchase feature. 

With the Instant purchase feature, eCommerce merchants can bring back the customers who abandoned their cart midway and can offer them a faster checkout experience. “Using previously-stored payment credentials and shipping information, they can  skip checkout steps altogether, and go to the confirmation purchase page.”

Better Admin interface

Magento 2.0 is not only fine-tuned to improve the shopping experiences of the customers but also to enhance the store management for the merchants. Magento 1.0 admin interface encountered too many negative feedbacks from users or retailers for being complicated and fussy technically.  On the contrary, Magento 2.o is much better than its predecessor. Its cleaner and less cluttered user interface (UI) with a more intuitive and organized layout, makes it a dream platform for non-technical users. The Admin panel is a lot more user-friendly, and so adding any tools or new product listings is very easier for the user of the site.

An independent Admin Dashboard, comprehensive Sales Tab, separate tabs for Managing Products and Categories in the Catalog and Managing Customers & Customer Groups and the new Marketing tab make the admin panel of Magento 2.0 an unmatched one!

Magento 2

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Mobile responsiveness 

Unlike the earlier versions, Magento 2.0 versions are upgraded after the world binged into mobile shopping.  Hence, naturally, the Magento 2 sites can perform optimally on mobile devices. Moreover, with 25% of online sales in Australia made through mobile devices and at least 48% of people shopping via mobile at least once a week, merchants need to make their stores mobile responsive end to end, i.e. from the product pages to the checkout page. 

While the benefits of Magento 2.0 are seriously worthwhile and give merchants enough reasons to migrate, there are some challenges that could come across. 

Magento 2

magento 2

Data & Media files Migration issues

While the data of Magento 1.0 site should be formatted to fill within the database of Magento, the images and other media files should also fit well in the Magento 2.0 website layout and structure without seeing degradation in the quality. Data Migration Tool helps to take care of migrating the store data and settings using CLI commands.

Custom extension issues

The custom extensions used in Magento 1.0 website mostly do not support in version 2 for which the Magento developers need to really work hard for rewriting every module for the new Magento 2.0 version. Magento Code Migration toolkit will assist them in the process. 

Themes & templates issues

Like the custom extensions, there are many themes and templates too in Magento 1 site which will not function in version 2’s design or environment. Thus, developers need to rework on the design and produce custom themes and templates alike the previous ones. 

There are other aspects too to consider before migrating like costs involved and finding the right eCommerce solutions provider or partner. Whichever Magento 2 version you decide, migrating from any of the versions of Magento 1 need many evaluations and careful consideration by the merchants. So, if you are one of them, make your move wisely!

We, Envertis can be your partner and help you in migrating your entire website to Magento 2, irrespective of how complex or vast it is! We are one of the leading companies for Magento development services in Australia and earned enough name in the industry for delivering some 100+ excellent eCommerce solutions to businesses with our experienced Magento developers. So, feel free to get in touch!