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Top 11 Features That Make Great Mobile App

Today, the world seems to run on mobile applications. From buying daily essentials to clothes, booking tickets, organizing events, and pretty much anything else can be done using mobile app now. And who doesn’t own a smartphone today? 

Well-designed mobile apps with a simple and interactive interface and demanding features can boost customer engagement & interest thereby increasing the leads and the ROI. Adding the most basic yet user-driven elements to an app can give the best user experience. Once you have the overall idea of the project including the color scheme, the layout style, the functionalities, and the other details, think about what extra can be added to the application to offer exactly what the consumers want. You also need to think about what can make your app better than the existing ones on the App Store.

Now, here’s what a great mobile apps must-have.


This is the first thing you need to consider for your app. If you make a difficult-to-navigate UI then your users may tend to lose interest sooner. Would you want this to happen? Just think if your users are unable to easily access whatever they want, won’t they get frustrated? Uncluttered and clear screens with the ease of exploring all the pages of the app with fewer clicks can definitely improve the user experience, encouraging them to keep on using the app. 

Speed and Performance

Speed and performance of an app is the next important thing to be considered. No one would like to just keep waiting for an app or a page to get loaded for more than two to three minutes. This creates frustration and boredom ultimately making the user leave the app or simply uninstall it. When it comes to an app, performance and speed depend on the set of graphics, content, and a few more elements of the application. You need to keep the app optimised with only the required content, fewer yet eye-catching graphics, and only the essential elements. Make it fast, keep it simple. That’s the trick to go on successfully with a mobile app. 

Mobile app features

Right Image Resolution

Using images of the right resolution is important to keep the app optimised. You must not use too heavy or big or too small images. This may hamper the speed, performance, and of course the clarity of the overall app ultimately leading to limited app sales. The designer must have in-depth knowledge and expertise in these tasks. 

Flexibility and Device Compatibility

There are mainly two mobile operating systems (OS) – Android and iOS. In order to get the most out of an app, you need to make your app available on both these operating systems. For this, it is not necessary to write completely different codes for each one of these but yes, you need to deal with different screen dimensions and resolutions to ensure the app appears and runs perfectly on both the platforms and all devices. Along with this, the use of some extensions may also differ to some extent. 

High Security 

With so many different apps storing sensitive and personal information like bank account details, debit and credit card information, etc., security becomes an absolute must. If an app is not secured enough to use, then there can be chances of hackers attempting to: – 

  • Incorporate malware into the apps and the device to steal personal data, screen lock passcodes, and whatever confidential information is there. 

All these risk factors clearly state that your application needs to be secure and watertight. 

Search Options 

Now, this is an important feature of a great mobile app. Implementing a search option in your app will give your users the ease of finding out what they are exactly looking for in one go even without exploring the whole application. It does not really work for the game-based apps but it is highly significant for other apps, be it a social media app, an online shopping app, an app to book a movie ticket, book a bus, flight, hotel, or anything else. 

Bold and Bright Color Schemes

The use of bold and bright color schemes can pull the users in. Concentratedly choose colors from the color wheel to be sure your app is going to look professional yet highly impressive and attractive at the same time. Use complementary colors for different layers and sections. Also, ensure to use contrasting colors for the fonts as well. And yes, choose the readable font styles for the users. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are easier to send than sending emails and have fewer chances to end up in the spam folder. A push notification can be a graphic, a text, can combine both as per the interests and demands of the users. Personalised and relevant push messaging is always a better option than the unsolicited messages as these solely aim a particular group of users at a time. 

User Feedback

Feedback is the best way to get to know the reviews of the customers about the products or services they have taken from the app and what else they would like the app to offer. For this, the app must have a feedback button to enable the users click, type, and submit their feedback. 

Social Media Integration 

Integrating social media links is a feature you cannot just avoid. The crowd seen on every social media platform can spread your business and app in the fastest way. Create a business page on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and link these pages with your app. Post, share, run ads, and campaigns on these pages. Let your users like these and share the same with their close ones. This will ultimately bring more leads to your business. 

Regular Updates 

Regularly updating your app will always keep it fresh and improved offering the users more of their demands. 

Reputed companies like Envertis Software Solutions ensure to build futuristic, competitive, and ROI-driven applications for both Android and iOS. Gaining prominence among millions of applications on the App Stores is not that easy. But, with the integration of these essential features, getting a competitive edge can become much easier. 

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Transforming Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most impactful trends which is driving mobile apps experiences.  

Believe it or not, today AI is making the task of mobile users simplest with voice commands, face recognition, image labelling, and many other advanced functions. To put simply, it enables mobile devices to solve problems or complete tasks that require human intelligence. 

While it’s quite interesting to know how AI is advancing to be the next big technology to change man-to-machine interactions, most mobile app development companies are adopting it to offer highly personalised experiences to users.

As per the Statista report,

                   Revenues from the AI market will increase from around 9.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to an expected 118.6 billion by 2025.


Image Source:

The McKinsey Global Institute classified AI into five broad categories: computer vision, natural language, robotic process automation, virtual assistants, and advanced machine learning. It further depicted that by 2030, nearly 70 % of companies might have adopted at least one or more of these AI technologies. 

With such a scenario, let us now find an answer to the big question. 

How AI is impacting Mobile App development?

AI is all around us all the time, helping in our day to day activities. 

Some prominent cases of AI technology today are shown below.

Google Maps showing the optimal route to take

Image Source:

Product recommendations in eCommerce

Image Source:

Siri or Alexa suggesting solutions when we drop a question

Image Source:

Messenger Chatbots

Image Source:

Tag suggestions in social media

Image Source:

Smart email categorisation and Spam filters 

Image Source:

AI expert and CEO/founder @, Wilson Chan recently tweeted explaining what is AI.


While AI makes a machine or device capable of responding intelligently like a human, it depends on deep learning of user behaviour, emotions or actions. An AI-enabled app makes use of it than to offer appropriate solutions or responses to users. 

We all know how mobile apps are already enhancing relations with customers, leading growth and profitability in businesses. Thus, it is no surprise that AI will bring further revolutions in the business world. By understanding user behaviour and patterns, it will enhance user engagement and result in faster business growth

Let’s find out more here about AI technology and how can you make use of it.

Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

AI is helping businesses to build up customer relations. By empowering the mobile apps to draw accurate insights about the users or customers, it helps businesses to provide the most relevant and personalised services. 

All these help apps in offering amazing user-experience and give the best outcomes. So, if you are into an iOS or Android app development and want AI to take your app to the next level, consider these facts about the technology. 

AI enhances the Search process

Integrating AI with an app will help in making the search experience smooth, intuitive and fast for your users. Mobile users will get relevant suggestions, spelling auto-correct, auto typing and voice search with AI integration. 


AI powers Digital or Voice assistant

Users just hate to type everything. So, provide your app with a digital assistant that will let users speak out what they need and have it. With predictive insights, any app integrated with AI will offer a proactive solution quickly on receiving a voice command. For instance, turning on AC while the user speaks out ‘It’s hot in here!’. In the business front, digital assistants make customer services fast and uninterrupted. Customers are able to get any query solved or access any information any time without depending on any human assistance for that. 


AI utilises data

The best implication of AI in app development is the integration of specific algorithms that will analyse the tendencies and behaviour pattern of the users. Based on that analysis, it will suggest personalised content, services or products. In short, AI will help businesses to increase their customer satisfaction greatly with their mobile apps, adding up to their sales and revenues. 


AI boosts App security

With an undeniable increase in cyber threats, the security of apps became the most important aspect to protect the privacy of the customers. And, AI is empowered to assure that with an unbreachable authentication process. It brings into action several recognition methods like face recognition and fingerprint unlock for exact user identification. Thus, mobile apps that need to save sensitive user data and financial credentials, AI will make them secured to the end. 


While these facts will help you realise why AI is prioritised so much today in mobile app development, we’ve also gathered the meaningful ways AI impacts businesses. 

Why should you reinforce AI into your App development?

  • AI tempts buyers with better predictions  

AI has prediction capabilities which enable an app to provide suggestions to customers more relevant to their choices and interests.  It is, therefore, wiser to apply AI in an eCommerce application. So, it tempts them and urges them to buy the products or services, thereby helping businesses better engage with customers and grow sales.

  • AI enhances customer loyalty

AI makes use of the traffic information and all customer data saved by the app from the login stage to POS (Point of Sale). With certain algorithms of the app, it processes and studies those data to learn about buyers needs and trends. It helps businesses to provide customised services, products and offers, which simultaneously drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • AI  makes business-to-customer interactions real

AI utilises Machine Learning that makes interactions with appliances/devices more human. Chatbots are the finest example. “They are AI-powered systems that communicate with humans using real-time, originally generated responses”. So, customers can put up a common query or get assistance to any problem from human-like bots. This helps in building up strong relationships with customers. 

With all these ways, it is clear that business owners who will push AI into their mobile apps are destined to make more progress and become competitive in the market. 

Wrapping up!

Artificial Intelligence is waving the world with endless possibilities and businesses are seeking to use it for delivering more value to their customers. 

There’s no room for doubt that AI in mobile app development is going to drive revenues for businesses by making their services customer-centric.  

Implementing the technology into your brand-new app idea will give you a great chance to attract, engage your customers and convert them into loyal buyers in the end. Even if you have an existing app in hand, integrating it with AI is no big deal! 

So, do not lose an opportunity to make use of this path-breaking advancement to make your app more valuable and drive your ROI. In any of the cases, we will be happy to help you. Envertis, being one of the best app development companies in Australia houses a team of enthusiastic mobile app developers with skills in all the latest revolutionary technologies. AI technology is one of them! Join hands with our team of app experts to experience success in your business with an AI-enabled app.

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Mobile App
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5 Big Things Coming Up In Mobile App Space In 2019

We have stepped into the 19th year of the Millennium quite ago and mobile apps technology will unfold many great things this year that we have been long waiting for!

The evolution of apps is like a magical tale. We have been a constant spectator of how they emerged from the generic types like Calendar, Mail, Calculator to advanced utility apps meant for shopping, travel booking, social networking and what not! Millenials use today mobiles more than any other generations.

“One in five millennial app users (21%) say they open any app more than 50 times a day”

They today engage in a lot of areas with their mobiles.

Mobile App

Data Source:

The increasing number of apps in the key stores, Apple and Google Play in all the years from 2008 to 2018 will also testify that.

Mobile App

Image Source:

Mobile App

Image Source:

Clearly, mobile apps development has come a long way. The total number of downloads of apps is too rising at an equal pace in recent years.

Mobile App

Image Source:

While it is pretty clear that mobile apps space is ever-growing, this year too we will get to see some new round of innovations.

Big things popping out in 2019 to shape mobile app development.

Moment Marketing

While personalisation has always been the key to deliver perfect mobile experiences, today in 2019, increasing the depth of personalisation will work more effectively. It has become the baseline for initiating interactions with customers.

Micro-moments’ was a term first used by Google in 2015 but was never applied actually in apps. Micro-moments are “intent-rich moments when users turn to their devices to act on their need to go, to buy, to do or to  know something.

Mobile App

Image Source:

In response to the changing consumer behaviour and their behavioural pattern on the mobiles, micro-moments came into being. They are the game-changers that give brands the opportunity to win customers at the most likely moment, i.e. when they are in need.  It will make use of intent-rich moments when expectations of customers are high and so companies can use those moments to persuade them. According to the latest consumers statistics,

Mobile App

Data Source:

Taking advantage of these, mobile app marketers will take ‘Moment-marketing’ seriously this time.

Consumers are drawn to the companies that respond immediately to their needs. Successful brands with prompt mobile marketing will be having strategies in 2019 to meet consumers need in the micro-moments.

OTT Development

Mobile apps space is set for OTT (Over-the-top) market in 2019 which is ruled by online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Stan, and so forth. Online streaming activities took a plunge in recent years with expected subscribers of 333.2 million by 2019.

Some major OTT market highlights

Mobile App

Data Source:

OTT is consequently becoming the mainstream media because more people are preferring to receive content on their handsets via an app service rather than any satellite network or traditional cable. The Global OTT video revenue is consistently rising and giant players like Apple, Google and the Amazon is to be charged for that.  They provide both the content as well as the devices to promote OTT streaming activities among the millennials.

Mobile App

Image Source:

Thus, despite the prevalence of linear television services, OTT players are likely to gain prominence in the Video streaming market in terms of both revenue and screen time. Besides, owing to the gaining adoption of OTT by the public, even big broadcasters like HBO, Infinity TV and CW Television Network are also introducing their own OTT services into their broadcasting options. So, in 2019, we are supposed to see more of OTT! However, few things that are pushing further the OTT culture are the competition between traditional and modern broadcasters, new ad models that suit modern broadcasting and moving of gaming to the cloud.


While there’s no room for doubt that Blockchain technology has opened up many new avenues for the IT and mobile market, 2019 will see an upswing in its advancement.

As of now, Blockchain is chiefly the technological tool for creating cryptocurrencies, a digital currency that made online transactions possible, it will be used for many more purposes next. It not only makes the transactions secure but makes money transfers safe. Because of its highly encrypted nature, blockchain offers wonderful opportunities to a host of industries like banking, cybersecurity, medical & healthcare, IoT, smart contract, and so forth. So, that’s it. The technology now goes mainstream. It means Blockchain will be no more be prevailing only as the foundation of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but its application will be felt wider, in many areas.

Even according to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Blockchain survey report, “The view further down the road is an inspiring one. We see blockchain enabling a completely new level of information exchange both within and across industries. As connections are made between blockchain and other emerging technologies, particularly the cloud and automation, we see the potential for blockchain to help organizations create and realize new value for businesses beyond anything we can imagine with existing technologies..

Some of the worth-mentioning benefits that Blockchain offers are:

  • Reducing paperwork and manual data entries
  • Counterfeiting the manipulation of data
  • Buying and selling things without third-party intervention or payment
  • Increasing data security in a decentralised network
  • Streamlining payments processing and making it efficient
  • Bringing transparency and automation in daily transactions

Blockchain will be gaining more momentum in 2019. Coming out to be more than just a currency, it will facilitate the industries by offering a secure environment to them, where money can be transferred with confidence.


Yes, Beacons! While the concept is not new to us anymore and a range of industries are using it in their mobile apps for more appropriate location-based services, this year, Beacons technology will unleash its potential in an unexpected manner.

Mobile App

Image Source:

The cases of use of Beacons will not just be restricted to hotels, medical and healthcare, or retailing but the innovation will blast in applications to provide functions like that of a virtual guide. Beacons are attributed to be the “Unstoppable force of proximity marketing” and is in the final stage of  Gartner’s Hype cycle when technology is matured well enough to be used for best purposes.

Despite the technology having huge potential, nothing much has been seen lately but 2019 may turn the table for Beacons with Google Beacon Platform solving many of the development and implementation problems the technology has had in the past.  So, expert app developers will be able to craft applications integrating the technology, keeping locations as the key variable. They could assign any interaction/interactions to as many locations they want and help businesses kickstart their marketing in the targeted spaces. With more of its influence in the retail segment, merchants will be able to feed customers with valuable information about sales, new products, promotions, offers etc. whenever they are found in close proximity.

More of AR Technology

It means an advanced form of AR technology (Augmented Reality). The concept of AR will venture out of the realm of gaming and shopping in 2019 and will be seen to form educating platforms/training sessions, actualise showrooms, and create virtual meeting spaces. In other words, AR apps will move from consumer segment to non-consumer areas including medical, data centres, journalism, security culture, product trials or experiment marketing.  For instance, there will be apps in healthcare assisting doctors in surgeries or apps for warehouses to help workers identify the location of items efficiently.

With the major mobile platforms, Google and Apple both bringing out their AR development toolkits, ARCore and ARKit respectively in the last two years, things got easier for the mobile app developers too. They could now create apps to create immersive experiences for the users, even including social media apps. So, from Games to Social! That was the journey so far for AR technology. However, the technology will be now watched out in manufacturing, healthcare industry, and in activities of marketing and advertisements after the tech giants have upped their game of AR with advanced developer kits. Face recognition, rendering, 3D object detection, etc. are some of the anticipated benefits of AR that users will enjoy.

One Bonus Trend: Enterprise Mobile Management

Apps for EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) is likely to invade some space in the mobile app market in 2019. It empowers the organisational members and the workers with an app for the general execution of different business processes. It fortifies the security of business data and methods by streamlining them and incorporating them into the app.

Also, in certain urgent cases, the members could even execute some tasks from their phones and need not necessarily rush to the workplace.

That was all! There’s literally no stopping to mobile app development and an entirely new year in the mobile app realm awaits with these trends. If you are a player in the mobile app market, then don’t run away or miss out these promising revolutions. You can get in touch with Envertis, a leading app development company in Australia. It houses a team of mobile app enthusiasts who make sure that each and every app is built in line with the latest technological revolution around.

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Real estate app
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How Real-estate Apps Development Are Helping Property Dealers

Apps are breaking the monotony of doing businesses!

Nowadays, one thing that is helping businesses to evolve uniquely and break away from all the generic marketing modes, is a Mobile APP.

While our last blog was about how apps are helping restaurants in lightening-fast food delivery, here we’ve explored how they are giving a push to the Real-estate businesses.

Every seasoned professional in any business sphere has presently realised the relevance of online presence and how it is essential for generating leads and acquiring new clients every day. Having a functional and striking website with actions for “Hire services”  or starting a Facebook page are effecting ways for creating the online presence. But, we bypass these typical ways and instead suggest you develop a mobile application.

Android and iPhone app development in Australia have grown out to be a mainstream digital marketing strategy for almost all businesses, opening up wider avenues to captivate customers. With the market size reaching to $2.0 billion,  there’s apparently no business area left out from the revolution of apps technology and real estate is one of them.   

People are hunting for homes via mobiles! They are no more heading personally from one broker to another but are swiping left and right on their mobile screens to view apartments and book one.

While the process sounds quite easy for buyers, apps are also a fair deal for sellers when property search online has risen to nearly 90%.

So, it’s the time to make one purposeful mobile application for your real-estate business too to market your properties in a better way than others.

If you’re thinking how to start, then here’s a detailed analysis of present-day real estate trends, benefits of intuitive apps, their features set and how they help dealers to turn potential visitors into buyers.

Know who are now the top real estate players in the market with the power of Apps.

Real estate app

In true sense, the app thing is taking out all the stress of the property owners in finding suitable buyers or tenants.

The search behaviour of the people indicates that most seek and peek at the properties through apps and other online mediums.

Image Source: National Association of REALTORS

Clearly, as a part of the real-estate sector, grabbing a pie of the apps market will give you impressive returns.

Perks of Real-estate app development at a glance

  1. Improved customer engagement
  2. Faster conversion of leads to customers
  3. Facilitates coordination between the broker and construction firms
  4. Helps customers to spot properties with geographic locations
  5. Detailed insights and information of the properties
  6. Offers a Virtual tour of the apartments/houses to customers
  7. Interactive maps and location itinerary.

It is due to these striking benefits that the trend of real estate apps is getting prominent. There’s been such a surge of real estate apps created for Android and iPhone users over the last five years.

On one hand, an app gives the property owners an alluring way to showcase their vast listings of houses and apartments. On the other hand, customers too get an instant option at their fingertips to start their quest for an ideal property any time at any location.

Clearly, apps bring the vast real estate market in an enclosed circuit enabling both sellers and buyers to interact directly and get a fair deal.

Must-have features to include in your real estate app

Login or User Profile Creation

This is the basic step to get a long list of users registered for your app. It assures that you have accounts of all potential customers who are actually keen to buy a property and not of those who just search with no inclination to purchase.

Real estate app

For user registration, you need to ask users for authentic details like email ID, phone number or social account credentials.  The best thing about getting all these details for the sign-up process is that it helps you to have a useful database of all prospective clients.  You can use it later to initiate target marketing campaigns with notifications, newsletters, offers or updates.  

3D View of the Properties

Large, clear and multiple images of the properties are what every alternative app is providing. To stand out from the rest, get 3D and more realistic property images for your real estate application.

Real estate app

With the application of VR (Virtual Reality), you can offer customers a 360-degree virtual tour of the apartments or houses.  It will help them know every minute detail of the property with just the stroke of their fingers. You can have a look here at the critical concept of 360-degree view of properties making their visions more real.

Advanced Property Search

This feature is to make the data concerning the properties informative and easy to access for the property seekers.

Real estate app

Your app should be built with a feature to let them search fast by locations, budget, square feet,  number of rooms, and listing type. The more you allow the searchers to narrow down their results, better is their chances to convert. This is simply because when they have already got a property fitting all their criteria, they are more likely to be impressed after seeing it in real.

Communication means

Heading to the aspect of deal closures, the app must have a feature to help buyers communicate instantly with the dealers or sellers such as chatbot, call integration, or a video call. The buyers need it to get all the information from the dealers about how to proceed with the buying procedure.

Real estate app

Three ways to provide your buyers with in-app interaction are:

Chatbot: It is like a messenger app with which buyers can text all their queries to a particular dealer.  

Call Button: It means providing a direct call button beside the dealer’s contact number in the listing that will initiate a phone call from the user’s mobile.

Video call:  This will help the buyers to have a face-to-face interaction with the brokers or dealers with a video app integration like Skype.

Interactive Map

Firstly, enable the users to choose between list view or map view as per their convenience while they scroll through the listings. While list view is the generic way to show your collection of deals, an Interactive map view will give them a better search experience over the areas they want.

Real estate app

The app will open up the Map with markers over all the properties included in the listing. So, when the users hover their finger over any marker, they will get some precise details of the property like price, sq. feet. To make the more the map more interactive, you can put in other information about the neighbourhood like schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc.

Do you think your real-estate business needs to join the bandwagon of mobile apps? Join hands with Envertis, a trusted company for Android and iPhone app development in Sydney. We teamed up some of the best app developers in Australia to provide businesses in any areas with meaningful, revenue-oriented and engaging mobile app solutions.

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Restaurant App Development
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Why Mobile App Trend Is Here To Stay In Food Delivery Industry?

Restaurant App DevelopmentApps have become the part and parcel of food delivery and restaurant businesses!


Are you willing to build an App like Menulog or EatNow? You are at the right place!


Online food ordering has become a convenient system for restaurant owners to drive more sales and knock out the competition in the industry. Check the short infographic below to know how easily and conveniently one can order and get food delivered through an app.


Restaurant App Development


With the idea to offer convenience, numerous businesses in the food and restaurant sector started having mobile apps for providing on-demand services to the customers. So, you too can have one. All you need is a trusted company for mobile app development, that has a team of expert Android app developers, iPhone app developers who can create an app to help your restaurant get into the on-demand delivery services.


The restaurants now cater to a  generation of consumer who demands that meals be served in ‘their way’ at all hours of the day and night.

While the new generation wants their food to be served in their way, there came the more swift and prompt method of ordering food online via an APP!


While the world has been taken by storm with the emergence of mobile apps, they are also transforming the market of food and restaurants. The Australian food delivery industry is experiencing rapid growth and the people are now seeing a dramatic change in the way they buy, order and consume food. 


A consumer study of 2500 diners by DMI to investigate the importance of mobile apps revealed that,


  • 73% used apps for quick-serves
  • 35% use mobiles always after entering a restaurant
  • 63% have at least one app for quick on-demand services


In context to the growing preference for mobile app order in the food sector, Morgan Stanley retail analyst Tom Kierath told The Australian Financial Review,


‘”People want to buy online because it’s convenient and that’s no different in takeaway food.”

So by far, most customers have shifted from the traditional method of phone-based ordering to a more convenient method. Here’s a sneak peek into the evolution of apps in online food delivery.


You will be surprised to know that the online food delivery industry is all set to get supersized to a hefty 200 billion dollar by the end of 2025. This tremendous increase is due to the huge demand and convenience of ordering food online and getting your favourite food from your favourite place right at the doorsteps. And again, this has increased the demand and necessity of having a food delivery app today.


Like the other industries, the food delivery businesses are also facing advancements in technology. And having an app is one of these advancements. The food delivery industry is thriving and here is the Statistics report to prove it.


The revenue in the online food delivery industry has reached around 122 USD dollar in the year 2020.
Revenue is expected to show a yearly growth rate of around 7.5 per cent, resulting in the current market volume of approximately 164 USD dollar by 2024.


As per Statista, its revenue is increasing to US$1,052 million in 2018.


Mobile app

Image Source: Statista


Australia has a shocking number of time-poor consumers, most within the age group 18-64 years old who are availing online food deliveries with apps. It is ironically called an Uber Eats nation, because of its overwhelming share in the online food delivery market which is followed by other apps like Menulog, Deliveroo, and Foodora. Although it was not much time that Aussies have inculcated the habit of ordering food online, the takeaways or online food sales of restaurants has grown by a staggering 18% in just three years.  The industry is set to soon become a market of $2.4 billion by 2025 if this rapid growth in the number of in-app orders remains consistent.


While most consumers are seen to order from apps at least once or twice a week, here are the names of popular on-demand food delivery apps used by Australians at present.


Restaurant App Development


Apps are helping food lovers a lot to satiate their cravings for any type of delicacy at any time. But, does the trend for mobile app benefitting the owners in the restaurant and takeaway business? Yes, it is.  Not only in churning out higher revenues, but it is also helping them to increase their market presence. Virtually!


How Food Delivery App Development Are Assisting Restaurant Businesses To Grow?


Restaurant App Development


While no doubt such apps are providing restaurant business with more room for growth, there is still some disquiet among some owners. It’s because of the high commission rates that are at play when they want to list their restaurants on the delivery platform like Deliveroo or UberEats. So, the only solution is to make one custom app just for their own food corner to provide online ordering and takeaway services. Well, with eminent and affordable services of Android and iPhone app development in Australia, you too can have your own quick service or on-demand delivery app built for your restaurant.


But before, here is a quick checklist of the features that you should include to make it as effective as other popular food delivery apps.


  • Providing everything at the table: A Vivid Menu

Any restaurant offers it at first or by default have it at the table for the visitors to see what’s available! So, when you are taking your visitors to an online portal, the same menu should be vividly presented to them with all the courses, items and prices. The app must be built with a clear, well organised, and categorised menu from where customers can view items, choose their dishes and add quantities before placing their orders.


  • Make way for easy ordering: Add-to-Cart Feature

The key motto for building an app for food delivery is to help the foodies and hungry ones to avoid long queues at the counter or a long wait at the table for their food to arrive. Hence, the app you are making will allow them to add items to the restaurant’s cart as many as required instantly. It will then send away the order details to the restaurant’s portal to let the cooks start preparing the order.


  • Provide for fast payments: Mobile payment

By offering your customers to pay for their orders online via the app’s payment gateway, you will take their convenience to a new level. With no hassles of cash payment, the customers will be required to enter their card details (debit/credit cards) or link the app to a bank account to facilitate swift transactions on the go every time they place an order.


Restaurant App Development


  • Give returns to your customers: Loyalty Schemes

Who does not want their customers to keep coming back to their app for reordering? We suppose all! There’s a fact that cost of retaining old customers is much less than acquiring new ones. It means to earn brand loyalty for your app and give your customers rewards or loyalty points in each of their orders. So, the next time they come back, they get surprised with redeemed offers or price discounts on the points they have earned back earlier.


  • Let people book a table: Table reservation

This feature is needed if you want your app to be a helper to those who love visiting your eatery for food instead of ordering it from homes. Having a table reservation feature will help them to book a table earlier, maybe a day in advance. So, you are giving a clear option to cut down all the frustration they have to go through when they couldn’t find a place after planning for a meal at your place.


  • Making it available for all: Multiple platforms support

To have more customers for your app, make sure it targets not one but all mobile platforms. Multiple avenues to your food-ordering app will make it apparently visible to all users groups in the market and in turn will fetch you more downloads Thus, ask for cross-platform app development from your partner to make your app available in multiple app stores.


Now that you have known well the benefits of having an app for your food juncture, waste no more time to have one. At Envertis, we have been the experts for delivering industry-specific apps and the food industry is one of our key domains. As a visionary company for app development in Sydney, we house a team of top iPhone app developers, Android as well as Ionic developers who can provide far-reaching solutions to businesses, regardless of how complex it seems. So, hire our iPhone app developers, Android or hybrid app developers now if you want your restaurant to go mobile!


Do you want to develop a food delivery app?

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Here’s How To Develop Your Music Streaming Mobile App

Wherever you go, your playlist goes with you!

Today, there’s an app for almost everything and anything! Photo editing, tickets booking, food ordering, online shopping etc. now have become so mainstream. People are even dating through apps now! Yes! The mobile app development services have evolved and emerged this much.

Now, in such a scenario, not having a music streaming app is not done! Apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music etc. are hugely popular among the worldwide music lovers. Just a simple click and VOILA! Welcome to the world of music! Explore diverse artists, diverse music genre, explore artists, who give similar vibes to your favourite ones and many more!

What Is A Music Streaming App?

Only a true music lover can understand how the feeling is to explore his or her favourite music in the rich quality! With the constant progress and enhancements in the mobile app development tools, developers have been able to come up with such music streaming apps that offer a handful of benefits over the traditional way of music listening.

  • You don’t need to download the music files! Such apps will allow you to play anything at any time directly from the Internet. So, goodbye to your limited playlist.
  • It takes zero memory space. No download means no memory space. Hence, load your device storage with other necessary apps while music streaming app will take care of your music needs.
  • Get rich quality music. However, the superior quality you choose will cost your more data consumption.

Obviously, a few cons like not having some unreleased or rarest tracks by your favourite artists on such apps are there. Plus, some of the applications do not work in offline mode! But, when it comes to the point of music availability at any given point of time, such music streaming apps are unbeaten. And this is the main reason behind the immense popularity of such mobile apps.

Check out the video to find out the popular music streaming apps that are currently leading in the market.

Video Source: TechGumbo

Now, let’s dig into the points to make your app lovable to everyone!

Cross-platform App Development

Rather than only music streaming apps, this point is crucial for any mobile application development. Both iOS and Android apps are trending in the recent market. Hence, developing an app that can run on both platforms smoothly is the wisest decision.

Now, you can make two different versions of your application or can opt for a cross-platform development solution. React Native is an excellent choice to do the latter.

(Don’t confuse React JS with React Native. Read our article and learn the differences!)

Such cross-platform app development not only saves the overall app development cost but is time-efficient as well. Moreover, it helps you to reach a wider audience.

Accounts and Authorisation

Well, to be very frank, having an account is not necessary to stream your favourite music from apps. However, to explore the best possibilities, rather than using the app anonymously, having is account is a better option.

You don’t need to have an account in SoundCloud to play music. But if you want to upload or download anything, having an account is necessary. So, the most feasible solution would be providing an account creation option to the users while they can still use the app without having one, maybe with some limited functionalities.

Let the users give the option to create an account using social networking sites like Google or Facebook. Users will love it as it is a straightforward and easy method.

Streaming Function

This is definitely one of the core functionalities of the application. It goes beyond the words that it should support uninterrupted audio file streaming to offer your users rich quality playback.

Developers, it is better if you take notes of the following components while devising the streaming function.

  • Transmission protocols
  • Streaming technology
  • Supported audio file formats
  • Encoding methods

To build the audio streaming feature from the scratch, Node JS development is a great choice.


To offer your users the topnotch experience, your app must have this search option so that they can find the perfect music for their moods and taste. Users can find their favourite tracks, artists, albums, genres and playlists using it.

You can implement the search option based on the recommendation features. It will suggest the users tracks based on their previous playbacks or searches. It will also help them to discover new music.

Function for Playlist Arrangement

We play music depending on our moods! Right?

When you offer your users such a playlist arrangement function that can help to organise the playlist depending on various occasions like ‘work playlist’, ‘workout playlist’, ‘meditation playlist’, ‘dance numbers playlist’, ‘romantic playlist’, ‘driving playlist’ and so on, they will immediately feel attached to your application.

Offline Mode

No Internet, No Music! Now, this sounds horrible right?

As it has been already mentioned above that many music streaming apps only work on the availability of the Internet, you can take this consideration into your advantage by offering your users an app that runs smoothly in the offline mode as well!

Though you need to work a bit more hours to implement this functionality. But as it’s said nothing comes for free, invest your time and get fruitful results.

Social Integrations

It always happens that we find a beautiful track and instantly fall in love with it. We feel the urge to share it with our friends and acquaintances as well.  

Moreover, offer your users the chance to follow their favourite artists and bands so that they can immediately know any updates and can share it! Thus, when they share music on various social platforms, your app also gets marketing benefits!

Now, you know the secrets to make a successful music streaming app that users will love! However, the estimated time and cost for the entire app development haven’t been discussed here. It is better that you consult with top mobile app development companies like Envertis. Get quotes, analyse it, do your market research and build the app that can lead you to success!

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It’s All About Your Business APP

What’s changing the face of businesses dramatically these days? None other than Mobile APPS!

Mobile apps have opened up many new opportunities for businesses. They are helping companies to do business on the go. Ever since the concept of mobile apps surfaced, app makers have been exploring every other category. Personal utilities, shopping, entertainment, social networking, gaming, news, travel and health, are to name a few. Thus, it is a universal truth that “there’s an app for anything and everything”!

While the contribution of mobile apps is a never-ending story, we have here put down the most compelling benefits of having a mobile app in your business.

You get to be visible 24×7

Being on the app will get you an advantage of staying visible to your customers/audience all the time. On an average, a person spends 2-3 hours a day on the mobile phone. Hence, the moment you are available on an app, the chance of people to ask for your services/products just doubles because you are just one tap away.

You have further option to increase your visibility through exclusive customer engagement tools. Like daily push notifications, offer reminders through emails, flash messages, etc.

Apps let you strengthen customers loyalty

Your business app will let you have a direct connection with your customers. They can avail your services anytime instantly. Thus, there develops a closeness between you two and that fosters brand loyalty of customers towards your business. However, you need to feature something unique to earn their loyalty. Star points rewards, additional discounts on repeat purchase, coupon codes, etc. are some useful ways.

Apps reinforce a business as a brand

Every company wants to be the number one choice for the customers. This means they want to make people fully aware of their service. Apps can help you to be on the top of awareness in the minds of target customers. Thus, whenever a customer needs a product or service, your app is the first thing they remember.

Apps get you a direct marketing channel for your service

While an app is multi-functional, it serves as a most direct source to market your service/product. It can provide every essential information, including prices, new offerings, offers, booking forms, company details etc. Besides, search options, user account registration, live chat feature are some of the bigger benefits to customers that help them directly interact.

App make your business more competitive

Apps are still now a distant concept for small-scale business. So, this is the point where you can actually take a giant leap and stay ahead of your competitors. You can be the first one in your category to bring an app for customers’ convenience and create news for bringing up such a forward-thinking idea in business.

In a nutshell, apps are raising the value of businesses and helping to build a long-lasting relationship with customers. One fantastic app! And your business will better off than anything else in the market. On one hand, they are a dominant tool promoting digital interaction with customers. On the other, they give you a medium of marketing of your services/products.

Clearly, mobile apps development will soon become an indispensable part of the business. So, it’s up to you to decide if you want to be the first one to get an app and reach out to customers far and wide.

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A Detailed Insight into the Most Trending Gaming App Development Tools in 2017

The gaming industry is constantly evolving with time and offering the gamers amazing and breathtaking gaming experiences! Along with it, the market of mobile game app development is also expanding. If you follow the recent market trends, it is almost impossible to overlook the worldwide immense popularity of the games like Temple Run, Angry Birds or Pokemon Go! People have almost gone crazy over these games! Different social media platforms were literally flooded with the posts of users’ excitement!


According to a survey made in 2016, 90% of the total revenue made by Google Play was from the gamers only! Newzoo usually reports and keeps track of the global and mobile gaming industry. According to its report made in 2016, almost $99.6 billion and $36.9 billion were generated from the market of global games and mobile games respectively. It has been stated that this year, the revenue figure would reach to almost $42.5 billion. If the success story continues to maintain its such exponential growth, by this year, the mobile gaming market would successfully overshadow the Console and PC gaming market. It has been predicted that by the year 2019, the market of global games would reach approximately $118.6 billion figure among which, almost $52.5 billion would be a contribution from mobile game industry.

Now, you can imagine how strong the gaming market is! Almost each passing day, new gaming apps are being launched in the market. Recently, a survey result has reflected that till the March 2017, almost 2.8 million apps are available in the store. Hence, until and unless you can offer something unique and innovative or can offer something ‘big shot’, it is really hard to stand out in the crowd!

If you are thinking of delving into the gaming market and sailing your ship with an alluring gaming app, you need to know about the gaming app development tools that are currently ruling the market. Some engines are perfect for the ‘Expert’ level game developing, some are suitable for ‘Mid’ level and ‘Entry’ level game makers. Hence, choosing the best and the most feasible one according to your requirements from a handful of options is really crucial. Here is a list of some utterly efficient gaming app development tools that would help you to get on the path of making awesome games.


#1 Unity

You might have heard about the worldwide popular games like Temple Run, Angry Birds 2, Lara Croft Go, Shadow Blade, Fallout Shelter etc. All of these well-known games have been developed using Unity!

It today’s tech-savvy era, Unity is arguably the best and the most impeccable gaming tool that is currently trending in the market. Developing a fully supported 3D or a 2D game with lucrative features and remarkable graphics is no more an exhaustive and painful process to the game developers when they have this option in their hands. You would be amazed at the fact that Unity offers a handful of monetisation tool options along with its noteworthy dev suite.

The most amazing feature of this gaming tool is that it is compatible with a wide range of platforms like Windows, Xbox One, OS X, Wii U, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Linux, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Stream VR, WebGL, Gear VR, Oculus Rift and so on. So, what is the benefit of being it multi-platform support? Well, it means once you devise a game, it can be used on all the available platforms be it consoles or mobiles or PC.

Some of its impressive features are:

  • This gaming engine has a far-flung collection of some alluring gaming assets that are available in the package at free of cost.
  • Moreover, it offers a large number of tutorials to the game developers so that they can learn more about Unity in details.
  • In the Unity Community, developers can discuss the latest enhancements, features etc. that would help them to sharpen their knowledge on this gaming engine.

If the yearly revenue of your gaming application is within $100,000, you can use this polished engine at free of cost. However, the package becomes a bit pricey with added features along with add-ons. Another point is until and unless you pay a really big amount, you can’t get any access to the source code.

#2 Marmalade

Games like Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope, Need for Speed: Shift, Doodle Jump, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light etc. are extremely popular among the gamers around the world. All of these renowned games have been developed using the Marmalade SDK.

Whether it is a 2D game or a 3D game, using Marmalade, developers can develop anything effortlessly. It is not only a high-performance and a fast gaming engine but also an engine using which developing cross-platform gaming applications become smoother. To do the coding part, usually Objective C, C++ Lua and HTML5 are used in Marmalade SDK. One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of this game development tool is if you devise a game using Marmalade, it can be efficiently run on both mobile as well as desktop platforms. Due to its noteworthy efficiency and utterly remarkable services, in the year 2015, Marmalade platform won the TIGA Games Industry Awards under the category Best Engines & Middleware.

This gaming tool performs efficiently on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows 10, OS X, Roku, Amazon, Tizen, Windows, Blackberry and Chromecast.

Marmalade Juice is another well-known development tool using which the porting of iOS gaming applications to the ecosystem of Android becomes easier. Developers just need to recompile the code written in Objective C and the iOS API calls along with incorporating Android based optimisations in the original code base of iOS. Apart from this, Marmalade offers another amazing tool i.e. Marmalade Quick. With the effective help of this tool, developing 2D games using Lua Scripting language becomes smoother.

Some of the captivating features of Marmalade are:

  • It offers high-end solutions.
  • In order to compile the iOS code, no Mac is required.
  • It offers impressive physics support.
  • You can purchase this gaming engine making a one-time fixed payment.

#3 Unreal Engine

In the gaming industry, it is hard to find such gamers, who haven’t heard about enthralling games like Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, Marvel Heroes, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Duke Nukem Forever, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone etc. All of this highly impressive games have been devised using this brilliant gaming engine i.e. Unreal Engine.

In the year 2014, Unreal Engine won the award for being “The Most Successful Video Game Engine”. This amazing gaming development tool is compatible with a handful of platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, Windows, Linux, OS X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, HTML5, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Unreal Engine is available in both free as well as paid version.

Go through the below-mentioned points to understand why this video game engine has successfully gained a worldwide acceptance.

  • This offers such set of tools that are incredibly sophisticated.
  • It provides full access to the C++ source code along with complete 3D support.
  • The User Interface (UI) that Unreal Engine provides is utterly notable.
  • The visual scripting offered by this gaming engine is very helpful for the game developers.

Unreal Engine offers a huge tutorial set that is available on their official website. Game developers can go through it to gather in-depth knowledge on various functionalities and features offered by this engine. Moreover, the forum and the community provided by Unreal Engine help the users to get out of the bottleneck condition.

Another crucial point that you need to know about this gaming engine is that it needs the game developers to pay the organisation 5% of the total sales revenue if any game is published through Unreal Engine.

#4 CryEngine

This gaming Engine is famous for developing exciting games like Far Cry Series, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Crysis, State of Decay etc. CryEngine is immensely popular for creating 3D games for Windows PC and Console. iOS, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Open-Source VR, HTC Vive – name any platform, CryEngine is compatible with anything! Usually, this engine is well-known for developing First Person Shooter games. If you want to devise games of other genres using CryEngine, you would be needing ActionScript, Visual Studio, Lua along with advanced and in-depth knowledge of C++.

Some of the remarkable features of this gaming engine are:

  • The package includes Per-Object Shadow Maps, Voxel-Based Global Illumination, Depth of Field and Motion Blur, Real-Time Dynamic Water Caustics, Volumetric Fog Shadows, Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh, Flowgraph, Level Design along with Parametric Skeletal Animation.
  • With the facility of Audio Translation Layer, using the audio middleware such as CRI, FMOD, Wwise etc. becomes easier.
  • It offers the facility of Physics Solution, Advanced Artificial Intelligence System etc.

Another interesting fact about this gaming engine is that game application developers can easily download both paid and free game assets such as sound effects, 3D models, animation, texture maps etc.

#5 Corona SDK

Corona SDK is extremely popular for devising 2D games not only for the mobile platforms but for Android TV and Apple TV as well. Blast Monkeys, Bubble Ball, The Secret of Grisly Manor, Finger Hoola, Thief Job, The Impossible Test, Draw Rider Plus etc. are some of the games that have been developed using Corona SDK. This kit is mostly used as a platform for cross-platform software development. Other than Android and iOS, Corona SDK is compatible with any platforms like Kindle, OS X, Nook, Windows, Windows Phone 8 etc.

Lua has a comparatively shorter learning curve and due to this, most of the game developers prefer Lua as the scripting language. The main advantage of using Corona SDK is that it uses Lua. According to the organisation that has developed the Corona SDK, this gaming engine is almost ten times faster than the other engines that are used to devise mobile games and apps. Some of the lucrative features of this gaming engine have been mentioned below.

  • With the help of the real-time testing feature offered by Corona SDK, writing codes and testing it becomes very easy. The moment you make any change in the coding part and save it, instantly you can see the corresponding result.
  • You wouldn’t have to make any payment to get Corona SDK basic version. However, for the paid versions, two different options are available.

Final Thought

The aforementioned list outlined just a few of the gaming app development tools and engines that are hugely favoured by the game app developers in today’s market. A game developer needs to possess an in-depth knowledge of various programming languages like Objective C, advanced level C++, JavaScript, Lua etc. Moreover, he/she needs to be a tech-savvy person and a fast learner as well, who can use the tools efficiently.

Other than taking responsibilities on your own, you can outsource your needs and requirements to a proficient Game Development Organisation. How would you get benefitted then? Well, if you have come up with an innovative and a creative idea, such specialised organisations would give a shape to your vision and would bring your thoughts into reality with the utmost professionalism. More interestingly, it would not only cater you to reduce the development cost but you would get your project done comparatively faster! Additionally, once the game is ready to be launched, such gaming organisations would look after the game publishing matter as well. Whether it is popular platforms like Android and iOS or something else, professional game development organisations would help you to publish the game on every platform.

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4 Key Enterprise Mobility Trends to Rule the Mobile-first World

Enterprise Mobility has emerged as a top priority for businesses which, is about to gain more acceptance in the near future. Such widespread acceptance of these solutions comes as not so surprising for us while considering its potential of enhancing productivity. However, it’s still an emerging innovation with a highly fluid space.

Newer paradigms are rapidly emerging over time and there’s no such standardised way of governing or deploying these technologies. Being a premier mobile app development company of Australia, we enjoy deeper market insights and here in this blog, we are about to share our views about the latest mobility advancements.

Augmented Cloud Migration

Easy availability of reliable cloud services and enormous possibilities with Big Data have increased migration of business solutions to the cloud. However, despite the increasing popularity of cloud technology, security happens to be one of the pressing challenges for businesses. Enterprises willing to resolve the security issues should try to implement hybrid solutions, hosting mission critical applications on premises.

Rise of Companion Applications

App development experts are making great efforts to develop enterprise apps for both customers and productivity enhancement purposes. Adhering the same, we are experiencing a paradigm shift on companion from the generic apps, while emphasising on building an app for specific functions. This, in turn, eliminates the need for replicating all the features of desktop applications while building its replica for smart devices.

More Emphasis on BYOD

The culture of Bring-Your-Own-Devices has already been well-established in the business world. Its extensive potential in boosting enterprise efficiency along with the growing demand for mobility applications have helped BYOD to establish as a key trend. Companies should devise beneficial mobility policies which, will secure the employee-owned devices. Centralised management of mobile devices will help employees in having full-fledged control over the used devices.  

Increasing Usage of “Personal Assistant Features of Smart Apps’’

Artificial Intelligence has already made its mark in the corporate world. More number of Enterprise apps are including more number of ‘smart’ leveraging features similar to those offered by Google Now, Siri and other available smart personal assistants. We are experiencing a steady boom of ‘smart applications’ which will allow users to simplify their individual tasks.
While witnessing digital transformation, enterprise mobility has emerged as a game-changing productivity enhancement tool for businesses. Thus, as a team of adroit mobile app developers, we help clients to reap the optimum benefits of Enterprise Mobility in managing their businesses and meeting their specific goals.