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Odoo, the best all-in-one management software already has its version 13 and here given all improvements.

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The world’s easiest software platform, Odoo brings in a wide range of ERP functionalists for big and small businesses. While it gets better with its every version release and v13 is already fulfil our exceptions. Here, this blog post aims at giving a sneak peek into the new features.

But before that, the key things of Odoo 13 roadmap that needs mentioning: 

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  • In-Apps Purchase (IAP): Buy Services in Odoo
  • Introduction of Odoo Bank: Odoo will lend cash
  • OCR (Object Character Recognition): Scan and automatically records documents
  • Accountant as Odoo Service: Find Odoo accountant easily
  • Integration with recruitment portals: Job ad post made possible with one click
  • Internet of Things: Connect IoT devices to Odoo
  • Stock Management: Track quantities to never run out-of-stock
  • Track position: Track down valuable assets like Stock, Fleet
  • Record attendances: Use connected badging system
  • Industry Focus: Tailor your solution to industry needs

With these features in line, Odoo is hitting the mass market this time, targeting more businesses of all kinds and sizes.

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New powerful features that Odoo 13 have

List View Improvements

Odoo 13 offering a new look to the List/Tree view. Now the grouped list can be modified or edited. A pager gets displayed in case of multiple groups. Custom buttons can be included in a group’s header in case of a grouping in many2one field. Navigation through the different cells in list view got easier with arrows.

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Addition of HR Skills Module

Not just human resources, but enterprises can now manage their skills too with Odoo ERP. V13 has an additional module, HR Skills for separate management of employees’ skills. The module is designed to help entrepreneurs keep records of their employees’ key skills, experience, skill level, education history, designation and so forth under the Skills Management app.

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Community edition will give a Sales Boost

Sales Coupon and Promotion module is brought into effect in V13 Community edition and is no more a part of only enterprise edition. Businesses thus can now power their promotions with ease using options like percentage promotion, range-based discount, clubbed promotion, time-bound offers, and generate discount coupons.

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New Search Panel

In the Kanban View, there is a new delicate addition, i.e. a new Search Panel. It will help in filtering results and so will save up the time spent in searching records of any employee.  

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Website form builder

Earlier available only on Enterprise edition of Odoo, the Website form builder is now made a featured app of the Community. It will empower the business websites with the facility to add custom forms on any web page.

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Inclusion of HR Payroll in Enterprise edition

Odoo 13 is moving HR payroll feature to the enterprise edition from its community. Odoo will stop the open-source payroll application as it not quite usable with many missing features. So, they develop the missing features in Odoo Enterprise to make it a real app: benefits management, reports, localizations, etc.

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Range of after-sales services

Demand for several services like managing of refunds, product returns, repairs that initiates at the help desk now easy to manage with ticketing system. Besides, Odoo 13 will make possible to integrate departments like Sales, warehouse management, accounting, etc with support teams.

Sales module is revised and revamped

The sales module has many new revisions in Odoo 13. Complete inline, Smart product configurator, clean column labels, and inclusion of advanced fields like lead time, analytics, cost.

Odoo eCommerce will support Product videos

eCommerce stores powered with Odoo is now able to feature realistic videos alongside the images to illustrate better the usability of the products in the product pages.

Introduction of Field Service app

Odoo’s collection of apps now includes a new app, Field Service with which it will become extremely easier for the enterprises to assign and manage their field services to technicians or on-field servicemen.


That’s all! Though there are many other aspects improved in Odoo V13, these are the ones to offer you with maximum benefits! Envertis, a trusted Odoo partner in Australia providing intelligent and comprehensive ERP solutions strives to make the most of the Odoo V13 improvements in their subsequent projects. If you’re looking for an ERP consulting and development firm, we are here to help you out. With years of experience in Odoo, we not just bring out great solutions but also mould them with fresh features of Odoo.

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