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Top 11 Features That Make Great Mobile App

Today, the world seems to run on mobile applications. From buying daily essentials to clothes, booking tickets, organizing events, and pretty much anything else can be done using mobile app now. And who doesn’t own a smartphone today? 

Well-designed mobile apps with a simple and interactive interface and demanding features can boost customer engagement & interest thereby increasing the leads and the ROI. Adding the most basic yet user-driven elements to an app can give the best user experience. Once you have the overall idea of the project including the color scheme, the layout style, the functionalities, and the other details, think about what extra can be added to the application to offer exactly what the consumers want. You also need to think about what can make your app better than the existing ones on the App Store.

Now, here’s what a great mobile apps must-have.


This is the first thing you need to consider for your app. If you make a difficult-to-navigate UI then your users may tend to lose interest sooner. Would you want this to happen? Just think if your users are unable to easily access whatever they want, won’t they get frustrated? Uncluttered and clear screens with the ease of exploring all the pages of the app with fewer clicks can definitely improve the user experience, encouraging them to keep on using the app. 

Speed and Performance

Speed and performance of an app is the next important thing to be considered. No one would like to just keep waiting for an app or a page to get loaded for more than two to three minutes. This creates frustration and boredom ultimately making the user leave the app or simply uninstall it. When it comes to an app, performance and speed depend on the set of graphics, content, and a few more elements of the application. You need to keep the app optimised with only the required content, fewer yet eye-catching graphics, and only the essential elements. Make it fast, keep it simple. That’s the trick to go on successfully with a mobile app. 

Mobile app features

Right Image Resolution

Using images of the right resolution is important to keep the app optimised. You must not use too heavy or big or too small images. This may hamper the speed, performance, and of course the clarity of the overall app ultimately leading to limited app sales. The designer must have in-depth knowledge and expertise in these tasks. 

Flexibility and Device Compatibility

There are mainly two mobile operating systems (OS) – Android and iOS. In order to get the most out of an app, you need to make your app available on both these operating systems. For this, it is not necessary to write completely different codes for each one of these but yes, you need to deal with different screen dimensions and resolutions to ensure the app appears and runs perfectly on both the platforms and all devices. Along with this, the use of some extensions may also differ to some extent. 

High Security 

With so many different apps storing sensitive and personal information like bank account details, debit and credit card information, etc., security becomes an absolute must. If an app is not secured enough to use, then there can be chances of hackers attempting to: – 

  • Incorporate malware into the apps and the device to steal personal data, screen lock passcodes, and whatever confidential information is there. 

All these risk factors clearly state that your application needs to be secure and watertight. 

Search Options 

Now, this is an important feature of a great mobile app. Implementing a search option in your app will give your users the ease of finding out what they are exactly looking for in one go even without exploring the whole application. It does not really work for the game-based apps but it is highly significant for other apps, be it a social media app, an online shopping app, an app to book a movie ticket, book a bus, flight, hotel, or anything else. 

Bold and Bright Color Schemes

The use of bold and bright color schemes can pull the users in. Concentratedly choose colors from the color wheel to be sure your app is going to look professional yet highly impressive and attractive at the same time. Use complementary colors for different layers and sections. Also, ensure to use contrasting colors for the fonts as well. And yes, choose the readable font styles for the users. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are easier to send than sending emails and have fewer chances to end up in the spam folder. A push notification can be a graphic, a text, can combine both as per the interests and demands of the users. Personalised and relevant push messaging is always a better option than the unsolicited messages as these solely aim a particular group of users at a time. 

User Feedback

Feedback is the best way to get to know the reviews of the customers about the products or services they have taken from the app and what else they would like the app to offer. For this, the app must have a feedback button to enable the users click, type, and submit their feedback. 

Social Media Integration 

Integrating social media links is a feature you cannot just avoid. The crowd seen on every social media platform can spread your business and app in the fastest way. Create a business page on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and link these pages with your app. Post, share, run ads, and campaigns on these pages. Let your users like these and share the same with their close ones. This will ultimately bring more leads to your business. 

Regular Updates 

Regularly updating your app will always keep it fresh and improved offering the users more of their demands. 

Reputed companies like Envertis Software Solutions ensure to build futuristic, competitive, and ROI-driven applications for both Android and iOS. Gaining prominence among millions of applications on the App Stores is not that easy. But, with the integration of these essential features, getting a competitive edge can become much easier. 

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