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9 Top Android App Development Tools of 2018

Simple. Easy. Smooth.

Well, most of the app developers think of these factors while developing an application. And the right development tool selection will absolutely work in the favour of the developers.

Mobile technology is emerging in a day to day manner and so is the mobile app technology! Presently, if you closely observe the market scenario, you can clearly get an idea of the fact that the iOS and Android are two ruling platforms now.

More or less every business today has realised the importance of having a dedicated mobile app and how it can be utilized to build a vast customer base and to reach the wider audience. Hence, along with Android and iPhone app development, custom app development is also getting huge attention as businesses can devise applications based on their respective needs and demands.

Recently, at Google I/O 2018, some killer Android announcements have been made. Don’t forget to check it out!


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As mentioned earlier, to build an impressive feature-packed app, perfect development toolkit is required. Now, what can the Android app developers expect from a potent toolkit?

> Proper assistance in building quality-rich apps

> Assistance in improving the workflow, boosting up the overall development process.

This is where you would find some top and dynamic tools offering you the solutions to the above-mentioned points. Here, we’ve covered tools from every aspect like design tools, IDEs, gaming engines and emulators. Read on and choose the most suitable ones for your mobile app development.


Android app development tools


Don’t forget to add this excellent debugging tool in your Android toolkit!

Since the time Facebook Team has introduced this great debug bridge for Android applications, the “bugs hunting” method has become quite effortless to the worldwide Android app developers. Beside this, Stetho has become a dependable helping hand in

  • Monitoring and checking network operations
  • Scrutinising the View hierarchy
  • Checking the SQLite database

Android app development

All the debugging information is sent to the browser from USB using HTTP WebSockets server. Simply type chrome://inspect, get the permission to access data.


With the efficient help of it, you can get the Android phone screen on the pc. As integrating an Android device with the desktop becomes absolutely easier using this tool, most of the app developers are quite fond of Vysor. Using ADB, it can be easily installed. Now, simply go to the Google Chrome Web Store, download an application for integration.

Android app development

Not really like to develop apps on the emulators? But want to explore the benefits of using it? Well, with Vysor, you can do so. More interestingly, think about live application demos on big TV screens and projectors. Yes, with Vysor, even that is possible.


Well, stuck in between the coding? The dead end is giving you hard times? Some great suggestions to proceed further with the app development process would have been better?

Think no more! Your Artificial Intelligence (AI) pair programmer is here! Codota will help you to get some workable suggestions and you won’t even have to leave the IDE as well while getting the suggestions. This definitely boosts up the entire mobile app development process. Not only individuals, even those who are working as a team also get benefited with it.

Android app development

The instant search offered by Codota will help you to look for any Java class. Plus, your code remains safe as Codota team has ensured they don’t upload any of your data on the cloud.

Android Studio

Well, this is the official IDE for Google’s Android operating system. It serves multiple purposes but the “Swiss knife” control is obviously in the developer’s hand.

> You can use it as a programming language (Kotlin, Java, C++ and many more) editor.

> It can work as a compiler helping you in creating a file system, multiple APK files to arrange everything related to the app project.

> Also, it includes Android SDK. (Though you need to download the Java SDK separately)

> It works as an XML editor as well.

Android app development

With a fast emulator, APK analyser, code editor, visual layout editor, real-time profiler and flexible build system – Android Studio is a complete Android tool to build mobile applications.


Initially, it used to work only as an Android emulator. However, with time, it has evolved into a complete platform helping you in

> devising the app

> App testing

> App deploying.

GenyMotion comes with more than one virtual machines for different versions of Android. Moreover, as it operates in the X86 mode, developers can effortlessly do code checking. Plus, the flash speed offered by this tool helps in rapid app development for most of the Android app development companies.


If you are new to Android app development sector, AIDE is definitely going to aid your pain points! HTML, CSS, JavaScript – everything is supported by this toolkit. Whether you want to develop Android apps or PhoneGap apps, AIDE provides detailed step by step guidance to help you in the app development process. The most interesting fact about this toolkit is that it not only helps in building impressive apps but also to develop seamless websites.  

Android app development

The “superpower” of AIDE is it can develop an Android app while it runs on the Android itself! And you can test the app as well on the very same device! Now, how cool is that!

Source Tree

This feature-rich Android development toolkit is suitable for both the beginners and the experts. Other than helping in writing codes, it will help you to visualise branches, changes, commits – everything in a single click! You can get a complete GUI, which works seamlessly with mercurial and git.

Android app development

An interesting fact about this development tool is that it works on both Mac OS and on Windows OS. This tool is well-structured and helps app developers in easy navigation. To avail all these features, you don’t even have to use any command-line! The free version of it is good for the newbies and for learning. Once you master it, you can opt for the upgraded beta version to explore more impeccable features.


It is one of the most powerful Android app development tools that are quite popular among the worldwide Android mobile app developers. The feature-packed Fabric will help you in

> Development

> Deployment

> To extend.

Android app development

You have the option to earn money from the revenue generated by ads and Fabric will help you in that too. If you are looking for a complete solution to develop an app, to spread and to monetise it, then this is the perfect choice for you.

B4A (Basic for Android)

This is one of the must-have Android app development toolkits that are currently trending in the market. A speedy app development can significantly reduce total app development cost and this tool is just the perfect choice for rapid app development. The below-mentioned features of B4A will help you in speedy app development.

> Wireless debugging

> It offers a visual editor that can manipulate your views according to your preferences

> It develops Android applications using a simple BASIC programming language  

Android app development

B4A is such a convenient interpreter and IDE that makes your app development process much simpler and smoother with a procedural programming language.

Well, this list is not complete without mentioning some other well-accepted Android tools like

> InstaBug – A new level to “bug hunting”.

> Eclipse – First choice of developers until Android Studio came into the big picture!

> LeakCanary – The perfect tool for pointing out the leakage in the codes while checking.

> Takt – A great library to check app’s FPS thoroughly along with spotting down the bugs in the development phase.

> Unreal Engine – Perfect tool to opt for cross-platform app development and for building feature-rich, powerful game apps.

So, the aforementioned list represents some of the Android app development tools that help or boost the app development process from many aspects and provide enough reason to be preferred by most of the Android app development companies worldwide. If you are thinking of getting an application for your business, or if you have an interesting app idea, make sure to hire the best app developers in Sydney.

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